Valerie Gross – The Bridal Gown Designer Getting Fame Worldwide

About Me

The brand Valeri was started by Valeri Gross, who is an Israeli designer, in 2002, after she graduated from the renowned academy of design, known as WIZO. This brand is still run by her to this date and is best known for designing couture wedding dresses and evening dresses, which are perfectly tailored for you, using the most luxurious materials. Since the beginning of her career, Valerie Gross has been designing and creating fashionable dresses, right at her studio located in Israel, which have drawn the attention of people across the globe.

Her journey of discovering fashion as her passion

Considering the increasing amount of popularity that her dresses are gaining, it is evident that Valeri Gross has an immense passion for designing fashion, which is the reason why there’s so much effort put into every dress made. Studying from a well-known academy of design shows the interest that Valeri has in fashion. As she ventured through the fashion business in 2002 and kept putting consistent effort and creativity into every dress, at last, she has achieved the attention that her dresses deserve from the world.

Valerie’s bespoke wedding dresses

In all these years, Valerie Gross has hand-crafted many dresses using top quality fabrics, tailoring, and, most of all, creativity. All the effort during the years of her career has led to the creation of unique dresses, which are rarely found anywhere else.



 Valerie’s brand specializes in haute couture, which is the fashion category in which unique and exclusive dresses are designed according to your custom tailoring needs. This means that every dress designed by Valerie is perfect in fitting and tailoring, as seen in her collections of bridal gowns. These dresses are hand-made at her studio in Israel, under her supervision, as discussed earlier, which ensures the perfection found in clothes designed by her.