After you’ve spent time planning all of the fabulous details about the wedding, do you really want to spend more time figuring out where to go and what to do on your honeymoon? Some couples already have an idea of where they’d like to go for that relaxing time after the big day, but if you don’t, there is someone who can help – a travel agent!

Despite the (somewhat) ease and convenience of booking vacations online at home, a travel agent is still a valuable source of information for planning a honeymoon! Here are a few reasons why:

  • TIME! After focusing on your wedding for the last few months, let someone else figure out the details of your honeymoon. A travel agent can take away the stress of booking flights, creating itineraries and they can often give you the best (usually hidden!) deals on accommodations.
  • Options – If you aren’t even sure where you want to go or what you want to do, a travel agent can create various options for you – they might even suggest something you didn’t think of for that perfect honeymoon getaway.
  • Connections – Travel agents work with other agents and tour guides in the hospitality industry, so they can make your trip much more personal and in many cases, customer service experiences are much better.
  • Details – Sure, we can all read about the major tourist destinations around the world, but a travel agent knows all the little details and can research them if not – if you want to do something off the beaten path, it’s worth it to hire a travel agent.
  • Stress Relief – Think of your travel agent as being your representative when you go out into the world on your honeymoon – if there are any last minute snags, your agent will likely have an easier time of managing it for you (which means less stress for the newlyweds!).

These are just some of the reasons why a travel agent is still a highly recommended aspect during the honeymoon planning process. Ships and Trips Travel offers an amazing assortment of vacation deals and itineraries at affordable pricing. Sit down with an agent to determine if you want that once in a lifetime trip to Fiji or you want to cruise along the Greek Isles! Don’t stress out about creating the perfect honeymoon – leave it to the professionals!