After your engagement, the next item in your plan is the wedding. You’d like to go for a specific theme to make your wedding warm, memorable, and enjoyable for you and everyone in attendance. In this case, a unique modern rustic wedding is a feasible option. It’s an idea entailing a little ragged, earthy, and country-like setting. It’s also a good option if you’re a relaxed and stylish couple. 

You could opt for it if you’re working with a fixed budget since most decorative elements, such as flowers, plants, or wooden highlights, bring out a classy look without making it technical. Designing a modern rustic wedding is simple because of the accessible details, so long as you pay attention to the texture and have a natural and organic look. With that in mind, below are tips to assist you in throwing a modern rustic wedding: 

1. Select Rustic Wedding Outfits 

Since you’re considering a rustic wedding, your attire must match the selected theme, from you as the bride to the groom, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls. Most rustic wedding ladies’ dresses have lace or fringe. Wedding dresses are also designed in different shapes such as ball, fit and flare, sheath, or line.

You can wear a long-sleeved or off-shoulder with necklines such as scoop, straight, plugging jewel, V-neck, high, or sweetheart. The rustic theme also has specific materials tailored toward it, such as chiffon, florals, linen, silk crepe, or tulle. The ladies in your wedding can put on easy fabrics which are short or longer depending on their preference. For more details on the types of gowns you can wear, you might want to check out for numerous dressing ideas. 

Not forgetting the men’s attire at the wedding, they can wear less formal clothes such as a polo shirt with a blazer or spotty suits with canvas trousers. Remember to select a gown you can feel comfortable in. And when it’s all done, and you look back at your wedding photos or videos, you only have a special feeling instead of regret.  

2. Find A Suitable Venue 

A matching venue is essential to your modern rusting wedding. It’s about choosing a place you and your fiancé mainly desire to hold your wedding. Your venue selection can also be determined by the time of the year you’re planning to have your wedding. The indoors may be perfect for your ceremony in a cold winter. Alternatively, if it’s during the summer or the fall, you can select an outdoor environment such as:

  • A Garden: It’s an excellent idea for a rustic wedding. You can hold your wedding in a hotel with gardens or in your home if you have ample space in the backyard. 
  • Woods: You can draw your guests into nature by holding your rustic wedding in the woods. You could select recreational forests or camping grounds as venues. Ensure you speak to the local authority before holding your event to get permission. While going with this theme, tell your guests beforehand so they can come wearing light clothes and shoes. Heals and heavy suits may make your guests uncomfortable. 
  • Barns: It’s one of the most common rustic wedding venues. It’s a venue that brings home-like and country-like feelings, which can make your guests feel comfortable.  You should include a lot of barrels and crates when using a barn-themed wedding venue to hype the rustic feel.

While picking the venue, ask the hostess if there’s any accommodation, especially if you’re traveling from far for your wedding. It can also benefit your guests who want to stay late after the celebration.  

 3. Pick Rustic Color Palette

Rustic weddings have specific color palettes that work well with them. Colors in a rustic wedding emit smooth and warm radiance. Thus, it’d be best to adhere to it to avoid a color faux. The standard colors in rustic weddings are artful and modest, such as silver, brown, beige, pastels, smooth pink, or gray. You could also try colors like gold or bronze, which are known to add charisma. Warm colors are a feasible option, especially for an indoor wedding. 

Steer clear of bright hues such as red or orange since they’re primarily unlikely to match the rustic items you’ve put up. 

 4. Integrate Attractive Rustic Decorations 

A rustic wedding often entails a lot of decorations, and you need to tie items together so they can bring out a feeling of completeness. You could try these decoration tips: 

  • Use organic materials. For the rustic wedding theme, select materials that work well with all the decor. You’ll mostly find materials such as hessian clothes on seats. You could also use wooden crates to add more nature to your wedding. Another idea is rugged and coarse materials for the tablecloths and seat wraps. 
  • Use wooden materials, dry tree branches, cushions, and laces all over your decor.  
  • Use a mismatched glassware design to add more design to your rustic wedding. 
  • Since most rustic venues have ceilings, do your best to ensure they aren’t left out in your decoration plans. You could hang some greenery or arrange lights above it.
  • Leave out the tablecloth to display the beauty of the rustic wood tables to your guests.
  • You should also include benches where guests can sit instead of the typical wedding sitting arrangement. 

You can incorporate numerous decor ideas into your rustic wedding to capture guests’ attention. Ensure you don’t use all of them at once in your wedding, or else it’ll look out of place. 

 5. Choose Appropriate Lighting

A modern rustic wedding tends to have a specific low and soft lighting design to bring out the wedding theme. You can use overhead lights, such as fairy lights, to create and maintain a romantic environment, especially when you hang them on trees in an intersecting manner. Fragrant candles of smells such as pine or clean cotton can also arouse the feeling of nature. The candles can be positioned into little jars and set against the centerpieces. 

 6. Furnish The Venue With Rustic Flowers And Plants

Part of considering a rustic wedding theme is enabling you to have a piece with a lot of vegetation around it. It includes having specific plants and flowers fit correctly with the theme. You can opt to go for flowers that have been picked recently. On the other hand, you can go for an artificial flower arrangement booth at the reception and all over the wedding areas. 

When setting the flowers in your rustic wedding, it’d be best to use exquisite ancient vases, mason pots, bottles, and vintage items. Keep flower patterns plain to avoid overcomplicating the arrangement. Add natural elements such as dried lavender, rose petals, succulents, berries, herbs, and eucalyptus leaves.

 7. Draft Rustic Wedding Cards 

Since you’d like a natural, cozy wedding, your invitation cards should depict the same. You’d want handwritten calligraphy in your cards instead of printed ones. The seats at your wedding should also have written notes, so when the guests get to their sitting area, they feel you’ve personally invited them to the wedding and feel warm and fancy. You can also send out wooden invitations, branches, or dried flower logs. 

 8. Include Cake, Food, And Drinks

The rustic wedding theme is geared towards bringing out a homey feeling. Thus, ensure your cake is made from natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and natural creams. You can also go for cake designs such as naked cake with added raw fruits or vines around it. Secondly, you can have multiple shortcakes instead of a long cake. Thirdly, you could consider a simple short-tier cake that involves having a wedding cake with at least three tiers that adds a personal touch. You can also have your wedding cake placed on a piece of wood.  

You can serve buffers for food, especially with an outdoor wedding theme. In this case, the foods you’re doing should be radiant fruits and freshly harvested vegetables. It’d help if you had casseroles, roasted meats, chicken, pasta, salad, mashed potato apple pie, or freshly baked bread on your food table. There can also be a grilling or a fireplace where guests can have fun while eating marshmallows, chocolate bars, and barbecue sticks. You could also serve your guests some desserts like waffles or candy apples.

Also, have a sidebar where guests get served drinks such as lemonade or wines as they relax and have casual conversations. 


Throwing a modern rustic wedding isn’t entirely out of reach. It’s budget-friendly, natural, warm, and elegant. With such a theme, you must creatively tie up the natural elements to create a striking look. You can pull together a breathtaking rustic feel without complicating things. Remember, simplicity is synonymous with attractiveness. And as they say, little is much. So, restrain yourself from overdoing the décor.

All in all, you may want to enlist the services of a professional wedding planner to tie all these bits and pieces together. That’s because your mind has a lot to handle around the wedding. Also, consult extensively with your spouse and other wedding participants to get their opinions on how best to arrange the wedding.  Eventually, you’ll have a wedding you and your friends will cherish forever.

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