You may have been dreaming about your wedding day since when you watched your first wedding show or movie or attended a wedding. Well, that’s normal. Most people do. Your wedding is one of the most critical events in your life. You get to walk down the aisle, head held high, all eyes on you, and as pretty as you can be.

However, your wedding day doesn’t have to be memorable only for you and your partner. You should also consider your guests and make it a spectacular event for them too. 

If you’re wondering how to do that, worry not! Here are seven ways to entertain your wedding guests:

1. Hire Wedding Performers

Most weddings have entertainment sessions during the reception, but this shouldn’t stop you from having some form of entertainment before and during the celebration. Be unique and hire some professional performers to liven up the moods of your guests.

You’d want all-around performers that cater to the varying entertainment needs of your audience. Therefore, hire performers like magicians, poets, comedians, dancers, and music bands for weddings to make it more enjoyable for you and your guests.

2. Secure Excellent Caterers

Most visitors will never forget the food you served at your wedding; you wouldn’t want to fail in that aspect. So, invest in qualified experts to deliver refreshments and meals during your ceremony. You can have your caterers hand out refreshments before, during, and after the ceremony. Nothing makes people happier, refreshed, and more active than a full stomach.

You may also want to include interactive food stations in your meal plan. It’ll help your guests mingle and interact at the food stations. They also customize their meals to their preferences, which will help eliminate the monotony of a sit-down meal course.

3. Go Beyond A Photo Booth

Photo booths are among the common forms of entertainment at weddings. They’re enjoyable and give guests delightful memories to take home. You may want to consider some of the latest inventions, such as GIF booths, glam booths, and selfie stands that you see in celebrities’ feeds, to improve your guests’ experience. This way, your guests will be delighted to try something new at your wedding reception.

4. Select A Considerable Venue

Your wedding venue is crucial to keeping your guests happy, and picking an interesting one is an excellent way to please your guests. Pick a convenient location that’s full of life and character. It’ll be a conversation opener for visitors and offer awesome photo backgrounds.   

However, an excellent venue may cost you a fortune, and you may want to be well-prepared regarding wedding finances. To select a convenient wedding location, you should consider the following:  

  • The wedding season  
  • Your wedding budget  
  • Transportation and travel ramifications for your everyone  
  • The design elements and venue checklist

When you’ve found the ideal wedding venue that’s within your budget, you can rest easy knowing that your guests will have fun at your wedding reception.

5. Scheme A Fun Surprise

You want to give your guests the best wedding experience of their lives, and planning a fun surprise is one way to do it. Music bands, dancers, comedians, and poets may keep the audience entertained, but they’ll see it coming because these are the typical entertainers at many weddings.

Make your wedding unique with fun and special surprises such as fireworks. No one saw that coming. You can also perform a song with your spouse or hire fire dancers because they captivate guests of all ages with their dangerous, exciting, and fantastic tricks—they’re the perfect choice for the night when the ceremony comes to a close.

6. Consider Wedding Games

Your wedding day is your big day, and you deserve to have all the fun, but so do your supporters. Your guests sacrificed their entire day to come and witness one of the happiest days of your life. Therefore, going the extra mile to make them happy won’t hurt. Invest in those wedding games you see on TV as long as your budget allows it without holding back. Make them a part of your incredible day.

Encourage some friendly competition during the wedding by holding fun games. They’ll keep your guests entertained and engaged, making them feel like they’re part of the wedding. You don’t have to limit your game choices to traditional lawn games. You can add quizzes, puzzles, and word searches to your settings. It’ll keep your introverted guests amused and entertained when others engage in deep conversations.

7. Organize Seating Considerately

As obvious as it may seem, the seating arrangements at your wedding will influence the wedding mood and atmosphere. It’ll be best if you place your wedding witnesses with people they get along with or who have a common interest. It’ll be easy for them to hold conversations and be comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony.

It’d be best if you didn’t try to play matchmaker. If your friend is single, let them find their partner. Don’t inconvenience others in an attempt to help them find their soulmates. In other words, a considerable seating chart will result in great conversations and a great dance party, which is truly an unforgettable event.


Your wedding day is your time to shine and probably the only time you’ll host such a huge event. You’d want to look fabulous and delight in your perfect day. But there’s no fun when you and your spouse are the only people having a great time. Focus on entertaining your guests in the mentioned ways to amuse them and keep them happy throughout the ceremony. Make your wedding unique and entertaining!

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