When you’re looking to say “I Do” with a boho decor scheme, one of the most important things to think about is how you bring that effect into the overall layout and design of your special day.  If you want to plan a boho wedding, focus on some of the most important details of just how you want your theme to be represented in those main areas.  Below, we’ve got the detail that you need and deserve when looking for a boho style that does it right.

Boho Hair

            We’ll talk about flowers a bit later, but boho hair styles are going to simple and elegant.  Classic up-dos or half-ponytails. It’s a great choice for all those that want to go after wonderful designs that will still be simple enough to do and undo yourself!

            By going with a simple hairstyle, you also leave room in your look and feel for the flowers to really come out and get the moment of beauty when you walk down the aisle.

Boho wedding dress

            You obviously can’t have a boho wedding without a boho wedding dress, right?  Don’t worry, you can enjoy this whimsical style and still have something that qualifies as an elegant wedding dress.  It’s all about knowing where to focus your energy for proper research in the elements, as well as how they come together in one dress.

            To ensure that you are your most beautiful self as a blushing bride, make sure that you visit a local bridal shop at some point when shopping for a wedding dress.  You’ll find comfort in going to the professionals that you trust to give you the best selection and honest opinions and ideas that will help you look your best.  There are quite a few ways to explore boho chic, so make sure that you ask employees to show you their various types of boho.

Boho decor

            For the boho vibe to be unique, you’ll want to explore a boho vibe in your wedding decor, that’s for sure.  As far as what that looks like, you’ll want to take a look at what aspect of boho you want to bring out.  For example, take a look at the difference between feathers with florals, and then compare it to wood grain detail and the loose billowing fabrics. 

            Both are boho, but they work on different profiles.  You’ll want to always focus on the profile that is going to feel the most like what you’re looking for.

            There’s a wonderful section of decor all about flowers, as you know.  When you want to go with boho, pick a mild theme.  Pastel florals and lots of texture.  These are great to use in centerpieces as well as hair, boutonnière, and bouquet.  It’ll make the difference between carrying the boho theme through or not.

            When you want every detail of your boho wedding to be perfect, take the opportunity to explore the theme all the way through from tiny details to the larger ones.

Floral Designer:Boho Pampas Co//Photographer: Madame Brochu Photography//