When you’re looking to get your dress to fit you just right, you’re well used to dress appointments. From shopping to sourcing, there are always appointments. One of the worst things about appointments is the cost of the appointments themselves. At Diamond Bridal Gallery, we get it. If you’re looking for a wedding dress in Sacramento, you’ll be happy to learn that you will have all of the pluses and none of the cons.

Freedom starts with “free”

This isn’t just a funny saying, either. We believe that having the freedom to shop around should be free. If you are forced to pay for appointments, you’ll feel pressured and obligated to settle with a shop or boutique that perhaps just doesn’t feel right. We believe that making the choice of the right boutique comes with the freedom to choose where you settle.

So, for that reason, we offer free appointments for dresses. We want every shopper and customer to feel that they can come and go and decide based on what is best for them and their special event. This means no strings attached.

Here for each bridal party

We want everyone who settles with us to know that they are in the bridal shop in Sacramento without a shadow of a doubt. This means a better experience for you and, frankly, a better experience for us. We encourage and openly welcome brides-to-be to book dress appointments without worrying about fees for your visit.

While not everyone is going to offer dress appointments for free, we hope that we can set an example for others in the business to see just what a positive difference customer freedom can make for your business. 

So, if you’re still looking for the right wedding dress, contact us to book an appointment so that you can see what the priority treatment feels like!