Some people think that destination weddings are harder to plan. On the contrary, planning a destination wedding is less stressful than planning a traditional one. This is because most destination wedding venues offer pre-made wedding packages that already come with vendors, such as rentals, catering, and wedding planners. 

What’s more, destination weddings are simpler since they’re set against a backdrop of a stunning venue or location, like the beach. So, you won’t have to spend much on décor. 

Besides, you can celebrate your wedding with a small group of people close to you and your partner. Guests usually arrive in the destination a day or two before the ceremony, so you’ll have the chance to spend quality time with them.

Continue reading for tips on how to achieve the perfect intimate destination wedding.

  • Plan Your Wedding  

The first step to any successful wedding is planning and preparation. The best timeline for destination weddings should at least be a year before the big day so that you have a lot of time to sort out all the details.  

Share your ideas of your dream wedding with your partner. Discuss other options if plan A doesn’t work out. Agree on the theme, location, guest list, and food. Once everything’s settled, create a mood board. 

  • Hire A Wedding Planner  

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, which is why it’ll be wise to hire a wedding planner or an elopement team like Eloped. The planner’s role is to oversee wedding preparations, help you find suppliers, and set up a timeline for events leading up to your big day.  

  • Choose Your Dream Destination  

After finding the right planner, choose your dream destination. You’ll have to consider some factors, such as the country’s laws and regulations, guests’ and your schedule, weather conditions, and the suppliers’ availability. 

Here are some dazzling destinations to pick from: 

  • Tenerife, Spain – It’s Europe’s tropical paradise and the largest of the Canary Islands, with an all-year-round mild temperature. 
  • Crete, Greece – You can get married at a chapel, on top of the hill, overlooking the Aegen Sea. The place is famous for its pink-sand beaches too. 
  • Koh Samui, Thailand – Since the island is sunny all year round, you can bask in the sun while celebrating your big day. You can also get your much-needed rest and pamper yourself at a spa. 
  • Tuscany, Italy – If you’re looking to explore natural wonders, then this region is the perfect place for you. It’s ideal for a luxurious, intimate wedding. 
  • Kapalua, Maui, United States – A premier resort area that’s suitable for a private wedding, Kapalua treats you to panoramic views of the Molokai and Lanai islands. It’s even voted one the best in the country. 
  • Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada – It offers an unparalleled beauty of Vancouver Island, with a lush forest and a stunning coastline of the Pacific Rim National Park right next to it. 
  • Lucerne, Switzerland – Celebrate your union in Switzerland’s historic and romantic spot. While in the city, check out Europe’s oldest wooden bridge.
  • Create A Guest List 

Talk to your partner about whom you’re going to invite to the wedding. The ideal intimate wedding should have at least 50 to 75 guests, who are immediate family members and close friends.  

Once you have a guest list ready, inform them of your plans, so they can clear out their schedule. Book the venue and let the staff know the number of guests to expect. 

  • Think About Where Your Guests Will Be Staying  

If you’re holding a beach wedding, guests may book accommodations at the resort. Inquire about whether the place has a villa where guests can stay after the ceremony. If there’s none, explore hotels nearby. Go for hotels that can provide their transportation services. Look for other means of transportation in case the hotel isn’t able to offer transportation services. 

  • Do A Site Visit And Meet Your Suppliers

Do a site visit with the wedding planner and vendors, so you’ll be familiar with the layout. Vendors will know where to put the décor, take photos and videos, and set up tables and chairs. 

During your visit, figure out where everything goes. You can even hold some of your prenuptial shoots at the venue.

  • Gather Passports And Other Travel Documents

The last step is making sure you have all the necessary travel documents, such as your passport. You might have to prepare other documents, depending on the country. For instance, some countries may require health records, a list of places you visited previously, and vaccinations. 

 To stay organized, put everything in one envelope or a clear book.


At an intimate destination wedding, you’ll get to celebrate your love with those who truly matter. Planning for this kind of ceremony seems challenging, but it’s actually not. Follow these helpful tips, and you’ll make your dream wedding a reality.

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