Weddings can be made memorable by the little details and special events as one gets closer to the big day. And as the couple gets extremely busy and exhausted with all the wedding preparations, their friends could whip up something special to take their mind away from the special day and give them the little respite they deserve. 

Maids of honor, bridesmaids, and close friends of the bride can prepare a bridal shower to honor and celebrate their friend’s last few days as a single woman.

Traditionally, bridal showers are an opportunity to shower the bride with gifts for the home or something intimate for her new life with her husband. Host of bridal showers could also incorporate games and activities depending on the shower’s theme. 

Today, bridal showers have veered away from the usual and focused on how the bride would want it to be celebrated. Many women are uncomfortable opening gifts in the spotlight; thus, a shower could be unbearable for some. Instead, many organizers and hosts plan activities that center on the bride’s favorite things to do. 

Depending on the bride’s preferences, the main event could be the highlight of the shower instead of the opening of gifts. That’s why, apart from hotel rooms, restaurants, and their homes. There are now many unique places to have the best bridal showers ever, and here are some of them:

  • Dance Studio

A dance studio is a perfect venue for the bride who loves to dance or is maybe passionate about pole dancing. Add a few wedding-inspired games like a wedding ring toss but with a dance routine in it. It would be nice to ask one of the bride’s friends to prepare a solo or ensemble dance with the bridesmaids. Alternatively, you can also surprise your dear friend with a pole dance intermission in which she can take part. The bride will indeed be pleased that you considered what she loves to do in her bridal shower.

  • Cocktail Bar

Hold the bridal shower at a cocktail bar for a bride who’s a cocktail enthusiast. Perhaps you could ask the expert bartender to concoct a cocktail with the bride’s favorite liquor and name it after her. 

A cocktail bar with a private space to hold events is perfect for this soiree. You should look for a 1930s cocktail bar with emerald green velvet lounges to add excitement to your party and dress up for the occasion. Art deco-inspired vintage costumes will make your bridal shower more enjoyable, along with playing romantic movie quotes games from that era. Add hors d’oeuvres like bacon roll-ups and grilled corn from the 1930s to round out your cocktail bar-inspired bridal shower.

  • Karaoke Bar

For a friend who has a song for every milestone in her life and belts out a tune every moment possible, a karaoke bar would be the perfect venue for a bridal shower. There will be no dull moment, and each guest could have an opportunity to dedicate a song to the bride and sing it without judgment. It’s a private place anyway. What happens in the room stays there. 

  • Coffee Bar

A bridal shower in a venue filled with aromatic coffees from various coffee-growing regions around the world will be appreciated by a coffee connoisseur. Add a game of blind coffee tasting to test your friend’s expertise and reward her with a gift for every correct answer.

Pair each cup of coffee with a complementary pastry, like a blueberry scone for the tangy and bright Costa Rican Coffee, or a Chocolate Walnut Brownie for the chocolaty Colombia Nariño. You can also add an exciting touch by pairing grilled veggies with a smoky, dark French Roast. To honor your dear friend, you may create a custom blend of coffees with the help of a coffee master and name it after her. 

  • Art Studio

If the bride is an artist, an art studio will be a great venue to hold her bridal shower. You may add a painting or drawing activity session, set up easels creatively around the studio, and have a theme for it. A nude painting session with an artist as a guide could make the shower genuinely memorable and one for the books. 

  • Arcade

A bridal shower in a private arcade set up for the fun, young, techie, and game-lover bride is the best idea for the occasion. Imagine the fun you’ll have when you play different games without limit and pressure. Challenge the bride to beat her guests in her favorite games and add bounty for it. 

Afterwards, eat from a menu of the bride’s favorite comfort food and junk food, drink lots of soda, and indulge in candies and chocolates. Consider this your cheat day as you will be returning to your regular routine the next day. 


Planning a fun-filled and enjoyable day for a dear friend is as exciting as attending it. There’s something about planning a memorable and one-of-a-kind party that could motivate you to give your best effort, knowing that at the end of it, you will put a smile on the bride’s face and leave an indelible mark in her heart.