Getting married is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s relationship. The wedding day serves not only as a celebration and symbol of the commitment of the couple to each other, but it’s also a highly celebrated event that brings their friends and families together to honor their union.

On this occasion, the couple will share many memorable moments as spouses for the first time. For this reason, they look for different ways to preserve these memories, whether through photos, videos, or even decor preserved as keepsakes from the wedding. But, in particular, one thing that most couples make sure to have on their wedding day is a wedding video. The treasured moments captured on film serve as memorabilia that the couple can look back on as a reminder of their special day.

There are many important moments to capture on video on one’s wedding day. As such, if you’re getting married, it would be best to hire a professional Vancouver wedding videographer who can capture all the highlights and edit them together into one special video. With their experience and expertise, they’ll know exactly where to be and what to do to get good shots of your special moments.

Since there is no way of doing over certain moments, you may want to inform your videographer if there are specific moments you want included in your wedding video, to ensure they won’t miss filming it. Here are examples of moments that most couples like to have included in their wedding video.

  • The Preparation

Often, wedding videos start off with footage of the bride and groom making their preparations for their big day. The clips usually include scenes of the following:

  • The groom and bride getting ready
  • Detail shots of their wedding attire, rings, the bridal bouquet, the bride’s veil, the wedding invites, and other items relevant to the occasion
  • The gift exchange of the bride and groom before the ceremony (if any)
  • The bride and groom with their families and entourage

You can request that the videographer include more clips of the parts you value most. For example, if you and your partner plan to exchange letters along with the gifts, your videographer could film the two of you opening the gifts and reading the letters out loud.

If you’re both particularly close to your family or entourage, you can ask the videographer to take more videos of your loved ones assisting with the preparations, such as the bridesmaids helping in arranging the bridal accessories or the groomsmen helping to ease whatever nervousness you both feel.

  • The Ceremony

As it is the heart of the wedding day, the matrimonial ceremony features a number of highlights that shouldn’t be missed. Here are some of them:

  • Entrance of the entourage
  • The bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle
  • Exchange of vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Official pronouncement as spouses
  • Lifting of the veil
  • The wedding kiss
  • Couple’s exit

These may vary depending on the wedding traditions and rituals observed. Given this, it’s crucial to let the videographer know which parts of the wedding should be featured in the video.

  • The Reception

After the ceremony, you and your partner will have many firsts as an officially married couple during the wedding reception. These moments are sure to make for happy memories as you mingle with your loved ones, and they will surely be something you’d want to revisit in the years to come.

The following scenes are common in wedding receptions, but their importance may depend on you and your partner’s preferences:

  • You and your partner’s entrance at the reception venue
  • Celebratory toast
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance as a married couple
  • Messages from the parents and family, as well as from the best man and maid of honor
  • Garter toss and bouquet toss

In recent years, it has also become popular practice in weddings to feature dance performances from both the groom and bridal entourage. Some couples also dance with their parents. These would make great additions to your wedding video.

  • Candid Moments

Your wedding video doesn’t have to consist solely of planned moments. To show your unique characters as a couple and as individuals in the context of your other relationships, you could ask your videographer to include clips of your loved ones as well.

Tell them to try to capture candid moments of your family and friends, whether it’s something funny, like the groomsmen goofing around while getting ready, or something touching, like a family member crying while listening to your vows. You could also ask the videographer to hold short impromptu interviews where they ask your family and friends for a special message for you and your spouse.

The moments that aren’t planned for can be just as precious as the other parts of the celebration. By including these in your wedding video, you and your partner can happily look back on those little moments that made your big day uniquely yours.


The celebration of a couple’s union is a big milestone for both the newlyweds and their families, as it signifies a new beginning for everyone. Given its importance, it can be a highly emotional event. As such, the wedding video should ideally capture not only the highlights of the ceremony and celebration but also the emotions of the couple and their loved ones. This makes it more personal for the couple and everyone who attended the event.

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