Unfortunately, the fairytale wedding of your dreams doesn’t come together by chance. As any bride will tell you, organizing the day becomes a full-time job in itself, with so many considerations to be made. What food will you serve? Which flowers will you use? Where will it be? 

When you start asking yourself all of these questions whilst trying desperately to stick to your budget, your dream fairytale wedding can seem further away than ever. To overcome this, it can be useful to focus on the more substantial elements of the day, and then use these to dictate the rest of your plans. 

We all want a fairytale wedding, but how can you ensure the day is everything you dreamed of? Here are three things to consider to make your dream fairytale wedding a reality. 


Above any other consideration within the wedding planning process, finding a perfect location will be the best way to create a magical day for you and your guests.

Every couple’s dream location will be different, depending on your tastes. Some couples will dream of flying to a far-flung corner of the globe to enjoy a luxurious beach wedding. For others, home comforts will be top of their list of priorities, and they’ll want to organise the day much closer to home. 

Whilst the day is all about you, when it comes to picking your location, it is important to consider the needs of your guests. There is little point in organizing an extravagant destination wedding in a place inaccessible to many on your guestlist. Particularly with international travel still affected by the pandemic, consider the practicality of your location to ensure the day can go off without any complications. 


Once you’ve selected a venue, you can start to picture how you want it to look on the big day. A good place to start is to first decide on a theme. This will help to inform your choices on every individual element of the day, from decorations, to entertainment and food. 

Picking a theme that you can both agree on can be difficult. The best place to start is by thinking about any joint hobbies or tastes you and your partner both share. This could be anything, from Disney movies to all things retro. Once you’ve landed on a chosen theme, use this to influence the planning process. 


You and your partner are going to have the starring roles in your very own fairytale, so it’s important that you dress as such. But how do you start your search for one of the most significant outfits you’re ever likely to wear? 

It is advisable to consider other aspects of your wedding day before finding your dream dress. A dress that would be ideal for your beach destination wedding may not be appropriate for a grand white wedding in the countryside, so be sure to finalize other plans for the day before falling in love with a particular dress. 

As well as your theme, you could also take inspiration from your engagement ring. If your ring has a particularly distinctive characteristic, such as a vintage look, you could pair this with a retro-style dress to create the perfect sartorial ensemble.