Heels are wedding go-tos for a reason. They look beautiful, and they’re a lovely way to flatter your long calves and lend you some height! But let’s be serious here: heels are (often) painful, and spending hours standing in them during a wedding ceremony, reception, and after party wouldn’t sound like the best way to spend your special day if it didn’t happen to be tradition.

Well, there is an alternative! It’s been a bit of a trend for a while now, and Glamour called it a decade ago: Sneakers are in! If you’re part of the pro-sneaker-and-wedding-dress group, or maybe you just want some comfy shoes to change into at some point following the ceremony, take a look at a few of our picks for sneakers to wear with that beautiful wedding gown.

ASOS x Vans classic slip-on U-Paint sneakers in White Camo Daisy

These are perfect for floral print dresses and weddings set in garden venues or other areas emphasizing nature. Since they come in pure white, they’re ready to wear as is… but they can also be colored in with fabric puffy paint, acrylic paint, or (in the spirit of white Vans) permanent marker. Vans started the custom sneaker movement years ago, and it’s alive and well in these stylish blank canvases.

Allbirds x Adidas Futurecraft Footprint

Perhaps the most recent release on our list, the new Allbirds x Adidas Futurecraft Footprint is certainly another, more athletic option for brides to consider. They are simplistic and comfortable while also being elegant enough for the occasion. The best thing, however, is that they’re unisex, which means both bride and groom can get matching pairs. Additionally, if you’re an eco-conscious bride worried about the environmental consequences and carbon footprint of your wedding, you can feel good about these shoes. They’re made with 100% recyclable materials and low emissions!

Classic Low-Top Chuck Taylor Converse

You can’t go wrong with a classic shoe. Chucks are always in style and vintage is always trendy, as evidenced in our “3 Tips How To Find The Perfect Vintage Wedding Dress” just last January. This holds true for sneakers as well! Converse shoes are also incredibly comfortable and, like the Adidas/Allbirds hybrid, great for both bride and groom. Feel free to change up the laces for a beautiful accent ribbon, or break out the puffy fabric paint and rhinestones to customize your Chucks.

Chloé Lauren Lace Low-Top Sneakers

If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, these lacy low-top sneakers are right up your alley. With delicate lace and a scalloped trim in an off-white color, they truly give off that vintage vibe –– perfect for brides who may be wearing a wedding dress handed down through generations. Incidentally, they’re also a bit famous. Beyond being generally known as some of the most stylish women’s sneakers out there, the Chloé Laureen Lace Low-Top Sneakers were also spotted on none other than First Lady Jill Biden just a few months ago!

With such a wide variety of shoes available (and a million other things to think about in preparation for a wedding), we hope these ideas are helpful and have given you a spark of inspiration for your special day.

Photo of Bride and Groom 

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