As little girls, you might have played wedding dress-ups complete with curtains as your dress and your mom’s towel as your veil. Planning on what to wear at your wedding—from the dress to the shoes, and even the undergarments—has become every bride’s focus of concern.

When planning about the bridal lingerie to wear at your wedding, shop attendants advise wearing undergarments that follow the fit of your wedding dress.

The challenge comes in choosing the perfect lingerie set for your wedding as it will have to support you throughout the day and night. 

The following guide will take you through the tips that will help you choose your desired bridal lingerie for your wedding:

  • Keep It Smooth

If you’re planning to wear something form-fitting, such as a mermaid-style dress, then you’re going to have to choose a lingerie that is smooth to the feel. To avoid bumps under your wedding gown, undergarments should be smooth and seamless. 

Pay close attention to whether laces, ribbons, or adornments would create lines and bumps to your dress, so you could avoid those accessories.

  • Match Colors

If you’ve decided to go for a traditional or any light-colored wedding gown, choose a white or skin tone-colored bridal lingerie so they’d complement each other.

A dark-colored wedding gown has surprisingly been favored by younger brides to be. This offers you more flexibility in choosing your bridal lingerie as colors won’t show through your wedding dress. Natori’s luxury underwear is one among the many online platforms that can hook you up with the perfect lingerie that matches your outfit.

  • Be Careful When Trying Something New

Your friend might have worn a certain type of lingerie that suited her perfectly, but that same style might not suit you or your body type. It’s better to stick to the lingerie type you’re used to as this will give you extra confidence throughout the day. If you still want to give others a try, make sure that the fit and comfort should be prioritized more than the style and color.

  • Break It In

Wear your new selection of lingerie around the house so you’ll have an idea of how it feels to the body. Take note of support problems as well. These include rubbing from the boning in the corset boning or adhesive that doesn’t stick. These would allow you to fix issues early on, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your wedding day fully.

  • Comfort Is Key

In choosing your bridal lingerie, you have to remember that you’ll be wearing it for long hours. Therefore, you need to go for bridal lingerie that must be comfortable for you. Refrain from wearing satin or silk lingerie as they might get discomforting after some time.

  • Get Your Measurements Right

The key to finding the perfect fit to support you from the ceremony to the reception is wearing the right bra size. You can visit your local lingerie shop and ask for a bra fitting.

  • Invest In Shape Wear

Shapewear is available to almost all body types and gives the figure a flattering look. Wearing a gown on your wedding day makes it a good chance to go for a good shapewear, too.

If you’re planning on wearing a dress with a full skirt, wear lingerie that may help your waist become or look smaller. An example of this is a corset or any waist-cinching lingerie. 

  • Avoid Sacrificing Style

There is no need to sacrifice style for beauty. Your bridal lingerie should reflect your style and give you all the confidence you might need throughout the day.

  • Advance Planning

The lingerie that you have set your heart on might not work with your dress. Trying to make additional garments work under a corset wedding dress would only get you hot and uncomfortable. Packing it for your honeymoon or even your wedding night might be an option instead.

  • Mind Your Cleavage

Always keep your neckline in mind when choosing what type of bridal lingerie to shop for. Straps showing through your dress can be your worst nightmare. If you’ll be wearing a strapless gown, a strapless corset or bustier would be appropriate. If your gown has a plunging neckline, bridal lingerie with a low neckline is recommended so peek-throughs can be avoided.



Every bride looks forward to a beautiful and successful wedding day. For this to happen, though, proper planning has to be done, and purchasing your wedding garments is one of the recommendations. Getting the appropriate undergarments would add some flavor to your outfit. In choosing your bridal lingerie, the outlined tips in this article may assist you in ensuring that you get the desired lingerie for your wedding.