Some romantic movies characterize wedding days as the happy ending of two people in love with each other. However, in a real-life scenario, marriage isn’t the ending but the new chapter of a life lived together by the couple. Tying the knot isn’t just a ceremony and an expression of love. It’s way more than that, as it signifies the couple’s lifelong commitment to stay true to each other no matter what.

Marriage is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in your entire lifetime. As the saying goes, ‘Marriage isn’t like eating a hot meal that you can quickly spit out when you’re burnt.’ Rather, it’s something that you as a couple should think of carefully. You and your partner should openly talk about things and have mutual understanding and willingness before exchanging your wedding rings and officially becoming a married couple. Doing so will help your marriage become a happy and successful one. 

If you’re at the stage of checking out engagement rings for your better half or are planning for a wedding, check out these five essential considerations first before taking the plunge.

  • Finances

Money and different financial opinions are the most common sources of stress and tension in a relationship. Often, they’re what cause heated arguments and misunderstandings in a marriage. Therefore, it’ll be best if you, as a couple, have an in-depth discussion of this matter. You can ask each other the following questions to reach an agreement:

  • How will we share expenses?
  • How will we handle our finances as a couple?
  • Will we combine our incomes or keep them separate?
  • Do you have other financial responsibilities like children’s support from past relationships or debts and loans you need to settle?
  • How do we reach our financial goal as a couple?

Discussing your financial values and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and concerns will help your relationship avoid many problems along the road. 

  • Communication

Healthy communication is of utmost importance to experience a happy and healthy marriage.

According to a survey done by ResearchGate, 53% of 866 couples admitted that loss of communication is the main reason they grew apart. This research finding goes to show that open communication and honesty are vital ingredients to a long-lasting marriage. Openness and a welcoming atmosphere for a healthy discussion are necessary so that both of you as a couple won’t hesitate and be afraid of sharing what’s really in your heart. 

Consider each other’s love language and communication channels, so you’ll know how to adjust and learn how to communicate effectively. 

  • Sexual Matters

Discussion of sexual matters is undoubtedly essential as well. Truly knowing your partner’s sexual desires and expectations is necessary for a stable relationship. As they say, sex spices things up and gives extra flavor to maintain a good marriage. 

Some couples tend to neglect the importance of talking about sex in their relationship. However, it’s truly a need. Keep in mind to always fulfill your partner’s sexual needs. After all, that’s part of your responsibility as a couple.

It’s also equally important that you have an open dialogue of your restrictions when it comes to tough topics like:

  • pornography
  • monogamy
  • flirting

Tackling these subjects will help you set boundaries, allowing you to take care of yourself well and ensuring that your relationship remains nurturing, respectful, and healthy. 

  • Values And Tradition

Having an early conversation about values, tradition, and culture is essential to understand and get to know your partner on a deeper level. Discuss your differences and mutually negotiate to effectively maneuver and overcome those differences. 

It’ll also help if you talk about each other’s value system. Know what your partner values the most. Learn and fully recognize the most important people and things in each other’s life. Doing so will help you develop a shared understanding of each one’s expectations and approach for a strong marriage.

  • Future

Marriage is living life together till eternity. It’s all about journeying through both good and bad times together. So, one of the crucial things you need to discuss as a couple is your future. How do you see yourselves 5, 10, 15 years from now? Are you on the same page when it comes to your goals in life? Discussing future matters can involve:

  • Children

Do both of you agree on having children? If so, how many children will you have?

  • Family planning

Do both of you agree with taking contraceptives, or do you want to follow the natural way? 

  • Long-term plans and goals

When it comes to plans and goals, do you see yourself supporting each one’s dreams and ideals? 

By planning for the future, you’ll be able to enjoy a lasting relationship and strengthen it further. 


Indeed, marriage is way more than just a ceremony. Love will bring you to the right person. However, it won’t be enough to keep it going. So, before planning your wedding and officially tying the knot, you need to share your thoughts and get to know your partner more. Having an open dialogue about these five essential topics will pave the way for a meaningful journey with your significant other.