You are looking to keep costs down, which is totally understandable.  After all, weddings are expensive.  If you want to make sure that you are enjoying a fun and exciting experience, budget is crucial to keep in mind.  So, makeup artist: yay or nay?  It really depends!


Consideration points when budgeting for a makeup artist

            If you’re still debating on whether you need or don’t need a makeup artist, here are some factors to think about to help you see what the right choice is going to be.


  • How comfortable are you with makeup?: Some are more than comfortable with false eyelashes, contouring and stay spray. Others can barely slick on some lipstick.  There’s no shame in either.  If you know you need professional guidance, as for it.  If you don’t, then don’t feel the need to hire it!


  • Do you want to include bridesmaids?: Some may be able to save some money by only doing makeup for the bride herself rather than her party. While the tradition is to do the entire wedding party, there is no rule on that!  If you are needing to protect your funds, then consider this!


  • Are you worried about your photos?: This is important. Some get nervous how their makeup will look in photos.  If so, an experienced makeup artist can help you create that gorgeous finished project that you are going for.  If you are relaxed and ready to look “real” in your photos, perhaps it’s something to think about, too!


  • What factors do you need to focus on for your looks?: Some want to just have a light dusting of makeup to enhance their features. Others really want to play down and play up other features.  This will greatly vary the kind of makeup that you consider for your wedding day.


You can see this however you wish

            Some will find that they very much want to budget for a makeup artist.  Others may find that they’re more than comfortable with doing their own makeup for their wedding.  There’s no wrong way to look at this, just make sure that you know the prices that you’re okay with.  Some will offer a sliding scale, so keep that in mind, too!


            Your big day is almost here and it means that you are going to be ready to look absolutely stunning in front of all those you love.  Make sure your fave looks exactly how you want it to!