It’s every bride’s worst nightmare.  In the days leading up to the wedding, or even on the wedding day itself, the dress is too small.  It has caused many panic attacks, but if this is the situation that you are finding yourself in, take a breath.   There are plenty of ways that you can address the situation and still feel like a beautiful fashionista.

Top suggestions when a wedding dress is too small

            These tips will help you make sure that your dress looks flawless even if you thought the whole thing was pointless when you first tried to put it on.

  • Deliberately plan your alterations to be last-minute: Most professionals will suggest that you book your alteration time right at the last-minute. You can book this time in advance and make sure that it’s in the weeks leading up to your wedding with the time already purchased and guaranteed for you.
  • Leave a little breathing room in your seam allowances: Just to help ease your mind, ask your specialist to give you a bit of extra room in your seam allowances. This will help you to take it out last-minute if you need to.  Most will actually recommend this!
  • Have your alteration specialist nearby: If you can, have your alteration professional on the phone or nearby so that they can stop by or walk you through what to do when the panic sets in. This sort of thing happens all the time and they will have plenty of tricks and suggestions.
  • Have a back-up dress: If you just can’t get to sleep because you’re stressed out about it, have a back-up dress that is going to be there to fill in if you need it. It doesn’t need to be anything wedding-related ,but just pick one that is going to make you feel beautiful.  Plus, it doubles as something nice to enjoy if you want to change out of it for the reception, etc.

            Your wedding day is going to be a wonderful opportunity to show off that elegance that you’ve planned for.  These tips are going to help you achieve that effortlessly and make sure that you enjoy it, too, instead of feeling like a giant ball of stress and ruining your make-up.


Wedding and bridesmaid dress alteration
Wedding dress Alterations Before and after picture