Technology has allowed the world to do things that used to be thought of as impossible. In some ways, distance is no longer a constraint for people. Learning, working, and attending events is now more accessible because it can be done online.

Many schools have adapted to virtual graduation ceremonies, which viewers could watch online over and over again. If you plan to get married, you could even host a Zoom wedding for your friends and family to witness. Here are some tips for couples interested in a virtual marriage:


  1. Hire An Expert Team

Streaming a wedding is no joke as it takes a lot of preparation, time, and knowledge about how to use the technology involved. Not everyone is an expert on how to do the technical aspects of streaming live videos, and it can be challenging to learn it if you’re not too keen on technology.

Because of this, it might be better to hire an expert team to handle all the technical aspects of the live stream. Besides, you’ll already have your hands full with the other steps like getting it legalized and finding a wedding officiant.  

Also, you probably won’t find the time or opportunity to do all the technical things yourself. It’s important to enjoy your wedding and experience it at the moment because it’s a rare and precious occasion.


  1. Think Of What You’ll Be Including In The Stream 

Managing time is part of the technical aspect of preparation. You have to make sure you know what you’ll be streaming so it won’t end up like a directionless mess. The wedding ceremony is usually the stream’s focus, but what you could include is up to you. 

If you have something creative in mind, it’s a good idea to work closely with the videographers and the technical team. This way, the presentation you have in mind could be made into reality. Moreover, the experts in your team will have some tricks up their sleeves to boost the quality and transition between events.  


  1. Have A Fixed Schedule Of Events 

Once you know which parts of the event you plan to stream, you could make a schedule to ensure everything runs smoothly. The schedule of events could be included in the invitation, so everyone can know what time they need to be online. It also makes it easier for people to free up the exact time to keep their schedules organized.

You might also want to request everyone invited to hop on the call or stream at least two minutes earlier just to make sure they’re on time. This also makes it easier for planners and technical teams to know what to do next and when to wrap up.


  1. Finalize How Many People Will Be Watching 

If you plan to hold the wedding in a private Zoom call, it’s essential to determine how many people will be participating. This is to ensure that the internet speed and bandwidth could handle the stream smoothly.

It isn’t only the internet connection you should be worried about. The device should be equipped to handle the video streaming. A powerful computer with a video card that can process and stream the event will be one of the main tools you’ll need, especially if you want a high-quality video.


  1. Run Trial Streams

Trial runs are necessary because you can’t expect everything to run smoothly on the first go, mainly when it includes technology. These trial streams will help your team see problems such as poor video quality, audio problems, lagging, or other technical issues. This way, they could troubleshoot these problems and avoid any mishaps during the actual stream.

It’s common to run into problems when streaming online, but it takes time to find out about it and fix it. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to have these problems on the actual wedding day. It’ll cause chaos and delays with the schedule if you experience these technical problems on the spot. To avoid this, make sure you run trial streams and get every issue seen and dealt with at least a day before the wedding day.



When planning a wedding, you usually think of getting fitted for a dress, finding the right venue, coming up with a menu, and nailing the décor. However, as times change, new technology is being brought into the mix, making it possible to record and stream the wedding ceremony. However, despite technology making many tasks more manageable, it also has unique challenges requiring expertise and ample time for preparation. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan for your big day.