Your wedding venue is one of the most essential components that could make or break your special day. The space needs to set the vibe while also accommodating the number of guests you have. If you already have a wedding style that you want for both the ceremony and reception, you need to base your options on that particular style.

For couples who are getting married in Auckland, you can ask around for the best wedding venues available in the area. You can also ask your wedding organizer for recommendations on the best Auckland Wedding Venues that’ll perfectly match your preferred style.

Venue Ideas For A Rustic Theme

A rustic-themed wedding has been gaining popularity through the years. There’s something about this laid-back and country-style motif that makes everyone feel cozy and naturally captivated. If you’ve chosen this wedding style, you want your venue to beautifully represent it. Guests entering the space should immediately know they’re in for some edgy and homespun vibe.

You can consider the following venue ideas for your rustic wedding style: 

  • A backyard space with enough room to accommodate your guests can be a perfect venue idea that’ll suit this particular wedding theme. It can be arranged with several picnic tables and chairs, depending on the number of people attending. You can also consider turning it into a tented affair with beautiful rustic lighting decorations and accents to complete the look.
  • A barn is also an ideal location for a rustic wedding. It can be near a farm for a more dramatic touch. What’s good about barns is you can be more flexible in decorating and styling them to match any theme you want. 

The thing about rustic wedding styles is that almost any open or laid-back space could work for the venue. You can just incorporate more rustic decors to emphasize this particular theme. You can fill the place with flowers, string lights, and other inspirations to achieve the look you want.

For The Sophisticated Couple

If you prefer to make your big day feel luxurious, a sophisticated and classic wedding style would be most perfect. If so, you’re looking for a venue with high ceilings and classy details. You can check out hotel receptions and banquet halls to pull off this wedding style. 

A sophisticated theme also works if you want to add a hint of romance and a little vintage on the side, too. The venue should be big enough to accommodate your stylish guests and it has to be easily accessible, too. Make sure your wedding designer knows how to decorate the venue to make it intricate from every angle.

Outdoor Venue Ideas For Some Fresh Air

Outdoor weddings are equally popular among soon-to-wed couples, especially during the summer or spring months. Any open space could be beautifully transformed into an outdoor wedding haven by simply filling it with colorful flowers and other decorative accents.

You can look for backyard spaces, gardens, or any al fresco dining options for your outdoor reception. If you’re planning for an intimate event with limited people attending, you can hold the reception in your patio or garden at home. The vibe would instantly turn homey and cozy if you’d take the time to hang string or pendant lights across the trees and poles.

General Factors To Consider

Regardless of your wedding style, there are also other factors you need to consider when choosing a venue. Among them is your budget. How much are you willing to shell out for the venue? Would you have a lot of guests? How big do you need the hall or space to be? These are some of the things you should be asking before you place a down payment for a wedding venue.

Of course, you also need to consider the location or proximity of the reception. Is it near the church or the chapel where the ceremony will be held? The parking space is also another thing to look into as your guests would surely be coming in with their vehicles.

Your Day, Your Way

It’s your special day and you get to decide on everything you want to be included in it, particularly the wedding venue. Keep in mind that the venue is among the first decisions you need to make because that’ll most likely be the deciding factor of other elements in your wedding such as the decorations, seating arrangement, and even lighting.

Start searching for a venue as early as you can. When you finally see one, book it at once to make sure you’re one step closer to achieving the wedding style you ultimately want.