If you’re here, it’s because you’re seriously considering the idea of looking at a beach elopement in Hawaii.  Not only is it not uncommon, it’s also going to be especially sentimental and heartfelt!  Here are 9 of the top reasons why it’s going to be the best decision you can make for the start of your new life.

  1. Hot balmy weather with tropical flair
  2. Great backdrop for photos
  3. An excuse to go shoe-free

Admittedly, these are a little flighty, but it’s important to see that perks and positive advantages are going to be simple and sweet, too, right?  If you love hot weather with large flowers, fresh fruit choice, and some great backdrop options for photos, sans shoes, Hawaii is pretty much made for you!

  1. Limited timeframe of 2 hours
  2. Elopements mean less muss and fuss
  3. You get to enjoy your gorgeous wedding dress — even if it’s unconventional

For those with very opinionated families, this is a wonderful positive detail to focus on!  If you have large families that never agree and all have different opinions on the proper way to do things, a beach elopement can take a lot of that stress away simply because they’re not going to be there.  It’ll just be you and your loved one (and a few others, if you choose).

  1. Explore and enjoy Hawaii as your built-in honeymoon
  2. Simple and stress-free decisions
  3. Quality time with your spouse

Of course, the most important details are last.  You’ll love the idea of taking in Hawaii with your partner and enjoying everything that it offers, no matter what that turns out to be.  No rules or restrictions or frustrations.  Just great memories in a little touch of paradise that is going to be pretty close to perfect!

            All that said above, you can see now why it’s going to be just the right choice for your special day.  All that’s left is to enjoy it for yourself!