Fall is one of the most beautiful times to hold a wedding – the weather is still fairly warm and the landscape is changing into deep shades of orange, red and gold. Creating a color palette for fall takes a little inspiration from the outdoors, using various shades and tones of the popular seasonal hues.

One of the most popular colors choices for fall is cranberry, and it’s easy to see why! The deep red shade pairs beautifully with many other color options, such as gold, light sage and camel. Fall weddings are always elegant when incorporating natural elements from the outdoors – leafy centerpiece arrangements and wooded accents look stunning when combined with the rich hues of cranberry and other deep red shades.

Brides looking for colors that are more neutral will find the combination of light sage and cream a stunning one. The earthy shades complement rustic accents, as well as modern decor – making it a lovely option for a fall wedding indoors or outdoors. Linen and lace textiles, wood and lanterns are all possible decor options that work well with a light sage color palette and provide that cozy ambiance everyone loves about fall!

Shades of teal are popular for fall weddings, even though it’s not a typical autumn shade! Colorful hints of teal, aquamarine and blue complements nautical themes and don’t come off as too beachy – which is ideal during a fall wedding. Keep it appropriate for the fall season by choosing the deeper jewel toned hues of teal or navy blue, and combine them with warmer neutrals such as cream or light yellow. Navy blue and cream is a classic and elegant combination, perfect for fall.

For wedding giveaways, you might want to consider leather totes, jewelry boxes, vintage-inspired drinking mugs, specialty customized home display décor pieces, or anything functional that your guests can use.  Brown, gold, bronze, copper, and other vintage colors are perfect for classic and timeless wedding giveaways.

Of course, there are always the warmer shades of pumpkin spice, bronze and rose gold to use throughout the wedding. These stunning shades look elegant with earth tones and neutrals, and works wonderfully for rustic, vintage or modern weddings!

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