Want to make your D-day remember for your guests too? Don’t be afraid to do something different and let them remember the food you want to serve to your guests.

You will be their most favorite couple if you surprise them with interesting food items. For your guests to remember your wedding and the reception, all you need to do is have great food. Talk to your caterers about the possibilities. Many caters have creative ideas for a fresh take on delicious food, cocktail, and options for serving. Often it is most helpful to hire a wedding planner, and this is who will take care of wedding caterers, venue, and all the other items that need to get done.

Savory Cupcake 

The craze of the cupcake has not gone anywhere. Even you can add savory cupcakes to your wedding menu during cocktail hour. Also, you can serve it as a light entrée. Savory cupcake has mashed potato icing and topped with meatloaf and a mixture of tomato, basil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Appetizer on an edible spoon 

Got your attention? Yes, an appetizer on an edible spoon, or just a bite between courses put inside a mini bread bowl. This is a great and fun way for a more casual reception.

Mini Ice Cream Cones

Yes, mini ice cream cones are not only for kids but a great little addition to your reception menu. Adult also loves ice-cream as kids do. These mini ice-cream cones can add a bit of nostalgia and a variety of flavors.

Cake Pops

They are to be a big hit among the guests. Cake pops are delicious and made up of frosting and crumbled cake which is covered in candy melts. They beautifully blend with any color scheme you choose for your dessert table.

dessert bar

Event Venue: Pine Lakes Country Club//Photographer: Ryan Smith Photography//