Rose Gold engagement rings have been one of the classic choices. You can choose between yellow, white, or rose gold color in engagement rings. Gold has been used in jewelry for more than 6000 years. It is a popular choice because it is affordable than platinum and other metals, it is easy to manufacture and even repair, and it is long-lasting.

How to pick the right color?

Have a look at the characteristics of each color so that you know whether you should be picking a ring from the collection of 18K rose gold wedding rings or any other color:

  • Yellow gold: It looks like pure gold, and it is softer as compared to other alloys. Since it is yellow, the ring is prone to get scratches, and they will be clearly visible. You can retain its sheen by getting it polished, but each time the metal is polished, a percentage of metal is lost.
  • White gold: Since white gold is mixed with nickel, it is harder. It is an ideal choice for creating rings and brooch pins. It gets the white color through rhodium. With regular use, rhodium may wear off, and your ring will turn yellowish. But don’t worry, that can be fixed.
  • Rose gold: Rose gold belongs to the family of rose, red and pink shades of gold. It is composed of 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloys to make 18 karat gold ring.

 Indeed, there are many colors you can choose from when it comes to engagement rings. Fortunately, exploring your options doesn’t have to be challenging. Many reputable jewelers sell a wide range of engagement rings for your perusal. For example, a Diamondport’s ring or one from other reputable jewelers comes in various designs, shapes, gemstones, and metals. Hence, whether you want a yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold engagement ring, you can always find a jeweler with these items in their engagement ring collection. 

Comparing your options: Yellow, White or Rose

When it comes to durability, the lifespan of the ring depends on the type of alloys used. Yellow gold can get scratched easily, while white gold can lose its color over time. Rose gold is more durable than the rest, especially if you choose 18k since it has the most amount of pure gold and the least amount of alloys.

9k or 10k rose gold rings are not recommended because they can become thin over time, and you may have to spend extra money on their maintenance to keep them in good condition. Rose gold has radiant color, and this ring will last for a long time.