One of the industries that may be greatly disrupted in 2021 is the wedding industry. With the growth in wedding tech, wedding ceremonies are creating a modern level of enjoyment and interaction.

Using trends in technology for your wedding is practical, right from planning to the way you entertain guests and capture the event. Technology can play an important role in enhancing efficiency and saving costs. Here are ten wedding technology trends for 2021

Virtual wedding planning

Virtual wedding planning is going to be massive in 2021 and beyond. Out of the country and out of state weddings are becoming popular and this has brought about complexity in wedding layout and deco. The wedding planners can communicate and plan for the ceremony from their remote locations. 

You can try different wedding planning apps that can enable you to plan your wedding from anywhere, hence making wedding management much easier. The apps can eliminate gambling and guesswork by allowing you to get organized, timely, and on a budget. 

Wedding live streaming

If you have relatives and friends who desire to attend your wedding but are not in a position to do so, they can attend it virtually. Social media advancements and high-quality imaging can facilitate wedding streaming. Some venues can enable you to have your own streaming and others may include that option in the wedding package. Special apps such as periscope are available to facilitate live streaming. 

3D Printing

The 3D printing technology is “getting on fire” in the world of wedding cake deco. The cake baker can make a simple cake and add some 3-D printed shapes on the sides and the top to make it look modern. The baker can also create an amazing 3-D printed topper or have a candy bar. Look for a 3-D printing company to set up a shop at your wedding reception area and have automated decor to wow your guests.

Wedding cake light projections

Consider spending a little more on light projections for the reception activity. Talented lighting artists are available to help make your wedding party magical. See the jaws of your guests drop as they dance as a result of the amazing color and light display. There are a variety of designs to choose from and you can incorporate the best wedding colors in the chosen design.

Tech rings

The next trend in the world of wedding rings is the integration of technology. The increase in smart jewelry and wearable technology may be on the rise in 2021. Several brands have started to create beautiful and unique pieces that are fashionable and functional. Most of the tech rings can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and can notify the wearer when there is a phone call, email, or text.

GoPro Bridal Bouquet

One of the most memorable moments when it comes to weddings is walking down the aisle. You can have it captured well from a strategic point by requesting the florist to reserve a spot in the bridal bouquet. A mini camera that is similar to a GoPro can record your entrance. This can allow you to see all the memorable moments from the beginning to the end.

Charging stations and Selfie sticks

If you are expecting a lot of hashtagging at your wedding, you can consider having some phone charging stations. Instead of relying on individual’s selfie sticks, gather some codes for Androids and iPhones and prop them on the reception’s cocktail table. This can allow your guests to have fun and document your wedding.

GIF photobooth

Photographs in weddings are now upgraded such that instead of having a still image, modern machines are offering animation in GIF form. In addition to the normal printouts, you can get a few images embedded together in a sharable format. You can also run the images through photo apps to create amazing sharable albums and galleries. 

Wedding periscoping

Apart from live-streaming, you are likely to see a lot of periscoping. This technology lets you identify a “Periscoper of honor” to live-stream the wedding from their gadgets. Friends and relatives who could not attend your wedding can see the event from their devices. The periscoper can divide the streams into ceremony, toasts, cake cutting, and dance. 

Crowdsourcing the dance floor

There are no lighting companies facilitating the projection of the photos over the dance floor. You can request your guests to hashtag or tweet their song requests. You can also introduce some need to wait for the wedding to be over for you to see the photos. Many productions and rewards, for instance, if they use the wedding hashtag, they are entitled to your signature cocktail.


There are many wedding tech trends expected in 2021, which can allow you to have a unique ceremony. Not all wedding planners can offer all the tech trends mentioned, and therefore, you need to identify what is important to you before looking for a company. Focus on your convenience and that of your guests, who also play a role in making your day memorable.