However, there are a few items that can be frozen but people have been freezing their top-tier of wedding cake for years. This tradition was begun in England where cake is usually prepared with fruit filling and alcohol, so it keeps better than the American wedding cake. The frozen cake is eaten at the first anniversary of the couple- means you need to freeze the wedding cake for a year. Can the wedding cake be frozen for years? Let’s get into it!

Can you safely freeze wedding cake?

The newlywed couple froze the top tier of their big day dessert due to two reasons. First, they would eat their wedding cake on their first wedding anniversary to bring back the happiest moments of their D-day. The second reason behind this tradition was they would eat their wedding cake on the christening of their first child. When this tradition was originated, the first child was born within the first year of marriage.

Regardless of why you freeze your wedding cake on the basis of the above reason behind this decade long tradition, chances are you might be eating hard and dry cake. That’s why some people opted to cut their cake and serve its top tier at the wedding while some go for a miniature version of their wedding cake and freeze it for a year. However, if you want to freeze your cake to enjoy it on your anniversary, make sure to keep away from moisture and wrap it in plastic wrap and foil and then store in the airtight container. This way you can safe it safely freeze it and eat it a year later. 

Tips for freezing your wedding cake safely

Are you committed to tradition to freeze your wedding cake? Follow these tips:

  • The oil-based cake is likely to preserve better in the freezer.
  • To avoid freeze burn, freeze it in the airtight container. 
  • Cut the cake into 12 pieces and freeze it as soon as possible.
  • Wrap each piece with plastic film individually and then into a zip bag. This keeps the slices fresher than the whole cake.

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