Does the perfect wedding dress exist for you too, which one? The one is chosen based on the shape of your body. You must take care to choose a look that favors your beauty by enhancing the natural features. Feeling yourself is the most important thing because a happy and relaxed bride is a more beautiful bride. To choose the most suitable dress, you need to know your body: follow our guide on how to find the perfect wedding dress for your figure.

Round Shape:

For round body shape, the ideal dress for you has a V-neck or heart-shaped neckline; it is neither too tight nor too pompous; in fact, the goal is to lengthen the silhouette and make you more tapered: high belt and slipped skirts are the most suitable choices. If you have a round physique, you will have round shoulders and more volume in the central part of the body. To dress your best, you will have to divert your gaze from the waist and shift your attention to other points, such as the breast or the shoulders.

Triangle Shape:

Prosperous breast, small pelvis, and thin legs, if you are like this; the most suitable dress is the one that reduces the width of the shoulders, back and chest. So, a closed neckline together with a voluminous skirt, with appliques, is ideal! Choose a tight dress at the top and wide on the hips to balance’ the figure.

Rectangle shape:

If your waist has the same width of shoulders and hips for which it is not particularly evident, you can orient yourself towards mermaid dresses or a cut both slipped and a frock coat with the wider and fluffy skirt. Better to avoid petticoat dresses. In this case, the neckline that we recommend is the boat neckline. You will have to avoid too-tight dresses, short sleeves, and square necklines slipped clothes that lean on the shoulders.

An hourglass shape:

When you look in the mirror, do you clearly recognize the two curves of breasts and hips? Then the mermaid dress is the one for you: sensual and elegant. Wraparound models with mermaid tails will be perfect for you, which will enhance your waistline, highlighting your right proportions in the same way. You will also feel very comfortable with a petticoat dress, that is, a simple yet elegant wedding dress or even with a slip-cut dress.