Your wedding dress is linked to many sentiments, memories, and lovely moments. But your dresses are worn once in a lifetime and put in the closet for the whole life. However, donating your wedding dress to an association is a good deed, a gesture that can allow a person who does not have the budget to wear the dress of their dreams. One way to give it a second life! Do a real good deed, allowing a destitute young woman to get married in the dress of her dreams. You can give it to an association, or to someone close to you whose budget is insufficient to afford a wedding dress of this quality. It will thus have made the happiness of young couples. A bright future for an exceptional garment! Let’s look at where to donate a wedding dress?

Health Charitable Donations

  1. Send your dress to a wedding wish. This charity donates dresses to terminally ill people so that they can get married or renew their vows. Visit / donate / to learn how to donate. 
  2. Bring your dress to a ‘Brides Against Breast Cancer Case’ or send it to their headquarters. ‘Brides Against Breast Cancer’ accepts wedding dresses, veils, and slips that are up to the age of 3. They take their dresses on a charity wedding dress sales event, and the products benefit women with breast cancer. 

Send your wedding dress to the bride’s project.   

Once donations are received, this organization sells wedding dresses from their Michigan store to support people in the area who have cancer. 

Low-Income Dress Donations

  1. Donate your dress to ‘Brides Across’ America, which gives wedding dresses to servicemen who cannot afford their own. Your donation of a wedding dress and wedding accessories is tax-deductible. But it can’t be more than four years old.

Local Dress Charity Donations:

  1. Bring your wedding dress to your local thrift or goodwill store. Several charities operate second-hand clothing sales to raise money for their causes. They can sell wedding dresses for slightly higher prices than most items, which means it will have a bigger impact. Be sure to request a donation receipt to receive a tax credit.
  2. 2. Organize a donation to the ‘I DO Foundation’: This charity has a slightly different structure. They take your new wedding dress and sell it to a partner organization. Twenty percent of the sale will go to your charity choice, and the rest of the proceeds go towards that I do Foundation cause.