Unique Groomsmen Gifts They Won’t Expect

Chances are if you’re reading this blog about wedding planning, you’re the bride. We hate to make a sweeping generalization but let’s face it; most times it can be tough enough to get your man to shop for his attire. So if you’re looking for inspiration on what to get your (or his!) groomsmen, read this. Below, we’ve shared some unique groomsmen gift ideas they won’t expect.

Fancy Feet Fodder

Groomsmen are getting more and more daring with their footwear. Of course, some go with the traditional dress shoes but, more and more these days, men are opting for fun and comfortable shoes, like Chuck Taylors, Vans, or even “gangster style”. If your groomsmen have opted to get a bit creative with their footwear, don’t stifle their feet with boring socks. Stance lets you make custom socks, so they will not only love them, they’ll remember this day forever.

Go for the Laugh

If the favorite thing your man and his groomsmen love to do is laugh, you can incorporate this into their groomsmen gifts. This PortOPong Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table is hilarious, and will certainly get used. Funny tees like this “I’m Not a Gynecologist But I’ll Take a Look” option will surely make them laugh (but could get them slapped—just FYI). And, of course, custom bobbleheads are always an option. Seat each one up next each other for maximum laughter.

 Personalization for the Win

A shaving kit, travel bag, or bottle openers are all in guys’ wheelhouses but it’s nothing all that unique until you’ve personalized it. Then it means all the more to its recipient. And there are so many cool routes to go when it comes to this. Anything from an engraved stainless steel flask to a personalized leather money clip will surely make his day. Of course, pretty much anything from a towel and briefcase to beer steins and even, yes, a beer bottle opener spatula can be engraved, so just pick what you think they will like the best and personalize it. It’s also a good idea to incorporate the wedding theme (if there is one) into the gift. In the case of a wine country wedding, considering getting your groomsmen an engraved wine bottle and/or wine opener. If there is a way for you to put the wedding date on there along with their name and/or initials, that will make the gift all the more memorable.

Another gift option is a personalized phone case for your pals. These days, most people are inseparable from their smartphones, considering how convenient they are, so it’s likely that your best buds bring their devices wherever they go. A personalized phone case would make a great gift to protect their expensive iPhones or Android phones. You can make a fun design that’ll make the guys laugh or something that’s sentimental to commemorate your friendship. The guys deserve special gifts too for helping you during one of the most important moments in your life and for their friendship through the years.

Go With a Cool Crate or Bombastic Basket

We love the idea of doing a sort of personalized crate or gift basket for each man in your wedding. And we don’t necessarily mean you have to personalize it or engrave it but, instead, get a crate or basket and fill it with things you know this specific guy will love. It will really show how much you know these guys, and they will surely be touched by the effort. A sample might be a crate filled with whiskey and a cigar, or a basket with a Coke, a personalized baseball, and a baseball hat. When you consider each person and all of his likes, you realize the possibilities are often endless. If you’re running out of time to go this route, hop on ManCrates.com for some great pre-tailored options.

Go for the Group Experience

Sure, a token of your love and appreciation can be great, but sometimes an experience is the way to go. Instead of buying each groomsman a gift, buy tickets to box seats at a baseball game. Or take them on a ski day. Even a dinner out to one of your favorite restaurants would be fantastic. Whatever you choose, it’ll surely be a day (or night) each groomsmen will remember for a long time, especially if you remember to take a lot of photos!

Something Seriously Sentimental

Men get a bad rap for being unsentimental but, when it comes down to it, most men can be a bit mushy at times, especially when it comes to their “bros”. Consider framing his favorite pic with each groomsmen and have him include a note about how he feels about each one. The recipient may try to claim he’s chopping onions when he opens it. He’s not.

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to getting groomsmen gifts? Try these unique gifts instead—these guys will not see these coming.

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