Once your wedding entourage will be making its grand entrance into the wedding venue, there are two groups of people who most attention will be drawn to – the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. And as far as the groomsmen are concerned, there’s a lot of work that will be needed to make sure everyone is looking spot on.

We’re talking about the hectic process of choosing the right suits, fitting them, matching them with the perfect pair of shoes, and making sure the guys are well shaved and toned for the big day.

And as much as this might be a big hustle for the few weeks you’ll be getting the guys ready, ensuring these men don’t have trouble maintaining that neatness means thinking beyond the wedding day.

You need to buy them the best grooming products they can use to maintain that glamor.

And if you’re looking for such products, as groomsmen gifts, then you’re reading the right piece. In here, you’ll find 10 grooming products that your clean freak groomsmen will find neat.

7-Piece Silver Manicure Set

If you are having a hard time figuring out what exactly to get the groomed boys, then why not get them a single set that covers everything? This 7-piece manicure set contains everything that a man would need to look sharp. It has nail and cuticle nippers, tweezers, and even mustache scissors.

The shiny silver pieces come wrapped up in nice black leather that keeps everything tidy and dry. Better still, you can carry it around given that it can easily fit in any small space – like your car’s glove box for instance.

However, this is not a cheap manicure set. It retails for $160.

Buy it now at bergdorfgoodman.com

Gentle Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser

Sadly, this is not a product made by the famous Jack Black. But gladly, it works as well as he does. Jack Black daily facial cleanser is the right product that your groomsmen will need to maintain that smooth, clean skin.

What this cleanser does is run deep into the facial pores and remove all forms of dirt and residue that might have stuck up in there. And for the ones with sensitive skin, this facial cleanser remains gentle while properly doing its job.

Give this to your groomsmen a few weeks before the wedding, and they’ll look like arch angels summoned to protect you and your bride on your special day.

How much does this one go for? Just $18.

Buy it now at Nordstrom.com


Natural Vitamins Face Moisturizer

Yes, the cleanser will keep the face clean, but what if it’s dry and chapped? That’s where this face moisturizer comes in.

This nourishing cream has been designed to deal with chapped and dry skin by using the powers of vitamins E and B5, natural antioxidants, fatty acids, and chamomile. Better still, it’s oil-free meaning it won’t be adding impurities to already sensitive skin.

You can get this one for $45.

Buy it now at malinandgoetz.com

Gillette Heated Razor

Before Gillette, shaving used to be one possibly painful exercise the moment you missed to angle the blade right. And even with the entry of Gillette and other razors, despite the risk of injury being significantly dealt with, luxury while trimming off excess beard was still a milestone away.

But with this heated razor from GilletteLabs, that is about to change. Your groomsmen will be able to experience smooth hot towel luxury while in the bathroom getting a shave. There’s a stainless steel heating bar that provides the sensational hot towel temperatures, with two modes available to adjust the heat settings.

And having mentioned luxury, that should tell you this razor isn’t cheap. It retails for $200.

Buy it now at theartofshaving.com

Exfoliating Face Scrub

We are not yet done with the face. To add that final magical touch, you might consider buying the boys a charcoal and licorice exfoliating face scrub.

But why even bother?

Getting their skins smoothened up will need this kind of product. The face scrub will wash away dead skin cells and open clogged pores. And by promoting blood flow, their skins will look healthier.

And of course, not too shiny. The activated turmeric, charcoal, and licorice help balance and tone facial oils, keeping everything even.

This one retails at $20.45.

Buy it now at amazon.com


Goatee and Mustache Micro Trimmer

One of the most embarrassing things to show on a special day such as your wedding day is an excess nose or ear hair. That means you should have a micro trimmer right next to you right before your wedding day – or any time you are planning to go out.

And for your groomsmen, they’ll appreciate this gift as it will help them reach the unreachable hairs as well as trim their goatees, mustaches, sideburns, and necklines.

To gift them with this, you’ll need to part with $15 apiece.

Buy it now at Walmart.com

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

There’s a lot that your groomsmen will be carrying around to ensure they are looking sharp. And to help put all those accessories in one place, you can get them this 100% leather toiletry bag.

This bag will not only help them keep tidy but also be classy while at it. The toiletry bag comes in a box, with both the box and the bag being customizable. You can have each one of them engraved with each groomsman’s initials, making the gift even more personal.

And to do just that, you’ll be set back $98.89 apiece.

Buy it now at GroomsmenGiftSource.com

Manly Body Scrub Soap

If you’re looking for a body scrub that also doubles up as a soap, then this product is what your groomsmen will love. The “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap is designed to deal with dead skin in tough areas such as heels and elbows while energizing the skin and nourishing it with the sweet aroma from Bran and Oatmeal.

However, this body scrub soap has not been formulated for the face – so you shouldn’t apply it there, expecting any significant changes.

Nonetheless, if you still want to surprise your clean freak groomsmen with this, then you’ll have to part with $15.

Buy it now at kiehls.com

Epic Beard Oil

Your groomsmen might consist of chaps who love wildly out of control beards. This mega beards might be manly, but you need a way to tame them to maintain that elegant look. Thus for your heavily bearded groomsmen, this gift will be the perfect selection for them.

This beard oil smooths out of control beards while maintaining that rugged manly look. What’s better is that it’s perfect for daily use, meaning you can maintain this ruggedly sophisticated look for as long as you wish.

This one will only set you back $25.

Buy it now at beardbrand.com

Brass Comb in Canvas Sheath

The beard is in check, but what about the hairline? Your groomsmen will need the right kind of comb to keep their hairline straight. And this product might just be the right selection for you.

This brass comb is built to last – designed to tackle the toughest of hairs. It has a nice engraving written “Not a hair out of place”, right on its sides. The sheath has a similar engraving, with a beautiful ash grey finish to wrap the whole package.

Just one of these will take you back $30.

Buy it now at izola.com