Even amidst the most trying times, love endures–something this stunning Massuchusetts beach engagement shoot reminds us of.

Photographer Jessica Sinatra shows her talent for capturing natural light, as the sunset and warm sand echoes the joy and beauty of the occasion. The shoot follows Erica and Keith as they stroll, hand in hand, or embrace, along the nearly empty beach with boundless joy and their spry golden retriever.

Erica and Keith keep fashion natural and complementary of the soft blues of the ocean and neutral tones of the sand. Keith keeps the look consistent, with relaxed khaki shorts and a button up sky blue dress shirt, with rolled sleeves to keep him cool. Like fiancee Erica, Keith selects a barefoot look for the soft sand and nearly clear ocean water.

Erica’s first look matches the casual ease of Keith’s: she wears a loose fitted but classic tank top with cut off jean shorts.

But as sunset hits, Erica trades her everyday wear for a bohemian inspired floral print dress, with off the shoulder details and a playful but romantic rose print. Wind blown blonde hair, a gorgeous smile, and just a touch of sparkle with studs and a matching necklace are the perfect accessories.

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Photographer: Jess Sinatra Photography//