In a perfect world, your wedding dress would fit you right the first time, but it’s more than likely that your dress will need a few tweaks to suit your body and style perfectly. Many brides believe that the wedding dress is an equal sheath for all. But the dress “marries” to the physicality of each woman: what and how many changes does it need?

Follow the below tips for wedding dress alterations.

Every woman has a weak point that can be the belly, the hips, the small or too pronounced breast, and tailoring is the solution to every problem. Small breasts are dressed with abundant padding hidden in the internal seams of the dress while the pronounced belly and stomach can be decreased with picket work inside the dress and with shaped sachets. To that extent, after careful observation of the client’s body, the best positions for the splints will be drawn directly on the canvas.

The changes that are being made to a wedding dress are actually never many. If the dress is made to measure after a canvas test, the first size of the dress will already be perfect and will only require checking closer to the wedding date to verify that the customer’s measurements have not changed.

The only thing that we certainly have to recommend to everyone is to measure your dress at least two months before the date to make sure you have time for changes where there is need and re-measure at least 10-15 days before to check the measurements. There is no single bride who has not lost at least two kilos from the stress of so many things to do before the happy event.

What are the last-minute “tweaks” to the wedding dress?

“More than touch-ups, we would speak of “touches,” in the sense that once the dress is complete, all the measurements have been checked and that everything runs smoothly, the customer must always leave the possibility of adding or removing. Sometimes, for example, details like a silk knot with its falls add a touch of class and completeness to the dress and make it perfect. Pearly glass buttons on a lace back make a dress absolutely more complete. Satin and lace ribbons give a vintage air, and just a few points of light on a décolletage illuminate the face. Everything contributes to the perfection of the dress, and in any case, perfection is always in the details.