When choosing the date of your wedding, one of the parameters that very quickly come into account is the outfit that you intend to wear. The long sleeves wedding dress is undoubtedly the choice of many brides. If you also one of them, find the breathtaking styles of wedding dresses with long-sleeves below!

 Sleeves with lace 

Lace does not leave its place at the top of the podium of wedding dress trends. In addition to covering the arms, the lace sleeve gives the whole an elegant, modern, and romantic touch. 


The vest-dresses are no longer really a novelty, but they are still rarely found in brides: an option, however, ideal for those who want to protect themselves from the slightest thrill.

 Chantilly sleeves with tattoo effect

Brides are increasingly seduced by the games of transparency that create a tattoo effect. Often, to achieve this effect, designers of wedding dresses use whipped cream, very delicate and fine. 

 Fringes and frills

You do not want to miss the latest trends for your wedding? Franks is in fashion in recent years, not to mention ruffles! The designers of wedding dresses did not wait any longer to include this trendy detail on their models with a very assertive style.

 Sleeves with feathers

Original, sophisticated, and glamorous, the feathers are reserved for brides who are not cold in the eyes. They wish to give pride of place to the atypical details, making a very simple garment a singular outfit.

 The flared sleeves

Whether they are embroidered, in lace or whipped lace, gauze, silk, golden threads, or any other material, they are perfect for a country wedding or bohemian style, accompany a macrame decoration for a boho-chic touch for a successful atmosphere.

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