Accessories can put extra “glam” to your wedding gown. These bags, baubles, and trinkets help ensure that all eyes will be on you and your partner throughout the entire duration of the momentous occasion. But, you might find it challenging to think of the right accessories for the wedding. 

Here are four bridal accessories to consider to help you during your decision-making. 

1. Bridal Bags

Hand bags, clutches, and sling bags are only a few examples to consider when you want to carry a bag as part of your wedding ensemble. 

Several brides-to-be think of bringing a bouquet or other accessories while they walk down the aisle. But, consider a bridal bag when you’re about to say your “I do’s.” 

The bag allows you to carry things like emergency makeup kits or a mini perfume for last-minute spritzes. However, make sure that the container matches your wedding gown. You don’t want the bag to attract unwanted attention to itself. 

2. Shrugs or Veils

A shrug or veil complements the beading or embroidered design on a wedding gown. Take note that this accessory can make or break the overall wedding day ensemble. 

Choosing a wedding shrug or veil might seem challenging at first, but it’s not impossible. First, follow your spending allowance; many weddings can break banks. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of cash from your budget on one wedding accessory

Next, consider your hairstyle for the wedding day. Different shrug and veil styles complement different hairstyles. One veil might match a chignon, whereas another variant might provide balance to long flowing curls. 

If you can, try to bring your wedding dress when you’re shopping for a shrug or veil. Otherwise, let the salesperson see a picture of your gown to help you decide. 

3. Hats

Wedding hats offer a sense of elegance and mystery for brides during the wondrous event. Hats are simple yet effective accessories to ensure you can flaunt your most beautiful ensemble on the wedding day. These accessories may even help you stand proud and give you more confidence while you’re walking down the aisle. 

But, looking at the market, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of available bridal hats. The significant number of hats on the market can make it dizzying to select the perfect model to wear. 

Start by assessing your dress for the big day. Match the colors of your gown with your hat. Also, pinpoint the unique points of your dress and find a hat that complements those elements. For example, your dress has lovely pink flowers. Search for a hat with a flower design that matches the floral design of your gown. 

Also, think about the season when you’re selecting a bridal hat. The matching floral design is also an ideal choice for a spring wedding

Furthermore, make sure the hat flatters the shape of your face. Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right hat based on your face shape:

  • Round face: Wear an asymmetric or square hat. The sharp angles add balance to your face shape.
  • Square face: Wear a round or feathery hat to help soften your face’s frame. 
  • Long face: Wear a wide hat to balance the length of your facial structure. 

Avoid wearing a hat that’s wider than your shoulders. Otherwise, you’re going to put unnecessary weight on your head. Also, extra-wide hats make you look shorter than average. 

4. Wedding Shoes

Don’t think that your shoes don’t deserve attention when you’re wearing a floor-length gown. Regardless if you’re wearing comfy flats or pin heels on the big day, you still need to select the right bridal shoes during your first gown fitting session. 

The shoes will help ensure that the dress has a perfect hem. Otherwise, you might experience tripping or falling while walking down the aisle, which is not a pretty sight. 

Choose comfort over other factors when selecting your wedding shoes. But, also think about the wedding theme and venue. For instance, choose flats, sandals, or wedges when the occasion is outdoors and on the grass. Stiletto heels might not be ideal for these locations as the uneven surface might make you prone to falls and trips. 


Several bridal accessories are available for your wedding day. Consider sporting the right bags, hats, shoes, and veils during the momentous occasion to ensure you can meet the people in the venue, especially your partner-for-life, with confidence. 

But, don’t go overboard with these accessories. Otherwise, you’ll create unnecessary attention to these items instead of the ensemble as a whole.