For decade after decade, the veil has been a symbol of weddings, but what is the meaning of the veil?

The meaning of the veil is lost on many, simply because it has become an iconic part of bridal fashion. The wedding veil can be dates as far back as Ancient Rome, where it was supposed to protect from evil spirits on the wedding day.

Yet the more modern meaning of the wedding veil was paired with the image of Queen Victoria, the wearing of a white dress, and overall, the concept of modesty. Depending on the religion, some may associate it with purity as well.

Yet the meaning of the wedding veil has transformed over time. No longer is a wedding veil, for instance, solely associated with values of modesty or even being ‘given away’ by a father. Instead, many non religious brides see it as a way to celebrate and note the momentous occasion.

Regardless our your personal beliefs, the wedding veil does remain steeped in tradition, and some religions even insist on a wedding veil during the exchanging of vows. Understanding that the meaning of a wedding veil provides some depth to the tradition, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own meaning and decide what it symbolizes for you.