Wedding day stress may seem inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be. Bride robes are a beautiful way to relax and get ready for the wedding day in elegance and take time for yourself.

From hair to makeup to getting dressed and looking ahead, the wedding day morning could feel overwhelming, but brides should savor these moments as it is also part of one of the most important days of ones’ life.

Bride robes range from full length coverage to semi sheer and sheer looks. And despite what might seem popular belief, they can come in shades from majestic white to elegant ivory to classic nude and even daring black. Little details, like bows, diaphanous skirts, and gathered waists make robes for the wedding day not only relaxing but a way to boost confidence and self esteem.

Lace bridal robes are especially popular, either with all over details or along the hem and cuff lines. And for brides looking for a more modest and less ethereal look, there’s always satin bride robes with more coverage and a more casual, but still wedding day worthy look.

Bride robes for the wedding day are also a great opportunity for photo opportunities. Refined enough to mark the special occasion, effortlessly beautiful, and perfect for getting ready or even just calming some pretty wedding nerves, it’s an investment many will be glad they made. Whatever robe the bride selects, it should above all help her feel special for her wedding day.