Wedding dress trends change every season. Nonetheless, some features never look outdated and manage to stand the test of time. Choose a wedding dress with such timeless features and your wedding look will be relevant and appealing, even years after your wedding day.

Having helped hundreds of brides make their wedding dress decisions over many years, the fashion experts at Best for Bride have seen different trends come and go. Here are their top recommendations for dress features that never fade out of style.

The sweetheart neckline

The romantic sweetheart neckline has been a favorite with brides for ages and is a staple feature in designer bridal gown collections. It bears a close resemblance to the top part of a heart with two curves on either side that meet in the middle of the bust. The design draws attention to the neck and décolletage.

It elongates the face and neck and balances the overall silhouette. Most wedding gowns with sweetheart necklines do not have straps. This neckline highlights the bust and creates the illusion of a curvy figure.


Although lace takes on distinct forms every season, it has been a constant on the wedding fashion scene. Lace dresses look amazing in traditional wedding settings. However, it works well in contemporary and casual settings as well.  

The best thing about this fabric is that it is elegant and feminine. Whether you prefer the modern laser-cut variety with crisp, straight details, classy floral Alencon lace or Bohemian-inspired eyelet lace dresses, there are plenty of choices to satisfy your preferences.  


A-line silhouette

The A-line silhouette is a traditional dress style that has always been prominent in the wedding fashion scene. The A-line silhouette resembles the letter “A”, with a structured bodice that gradually flares into a full skirt. It is immensely popular and universally loved because it flatters almost all body types.

The A-line silhouette is very forgiving on most body types. It has a close-fitted bodice until the natural waist. The flowy skirt hides imperfection in the waistline and hips. This simple silhouette is suitable for both opulent and modest themes. You can easily dress it up with suitable embellishments or accessories.

Minimal embellishments

Classic wedding dresses do not subscribe to trends. Therefore, they do not feature elements like fringes and ruffles that identify with a specific time. They are simple dresses with just the right amount of details to look classy and elegant.  

Minimal dresses look elegant because they focus on straight lines and simple details to create uncluttered, clean and sophisticated looks. However, wedding dresses with minimal embellishments are anything but boring. These dresses are neither too traditional nor modern. The minimal effect is usually achieved using pristine, structured fabric and the strategic placement of signature embellishments to create a statement effect.


Few brides can resist the lustrous and smooth finish of satin. Satin is a type of complex weave with a soft, glossy finish and it is usually made with fibers like silk. The texture imparts an expensive, almost royal effect to an outfit. In addition, weddings being expensive and opulent affairs, this fabric belongs in such settings. This is perhaps why satin has dominated the bridal gown world for ages.

Satin is perfect for structured gowns and is often used in ball gowns, A-line dresses and fit and flare bridal dresses. It imparts a refined, yet feminine look to a gown that works well in traditional wedding settings. Therefore, if you are aiming for elegance in your bridal day look, satin is a good choice of fabric.

Ball gown silhouette

The ball gown silhouette, with opulent embellishments and a luxurious skirt, clearly says “bride”. This dress style is very glamorous and dramatic. The silhouette fits closely through the natural waistline and suddenly flares into an extravagant skirt of full length. This creates the illusion of an hourglass shape. It always seems to look right on a bride, irrespective of the theme.

Ball gowns are ideal for brides who love elaborate dress styles. Additionally, this silhouette is forgiving on most body types as the heavy layers of fabric in the skirt hides the hips and legs. Modern ball gowns are available in a stunning variety of styles. Whether you prefer a Victorian-inspired wedding dress or a more theatrical contemporary gown, you can easily find one that fits your vision.

Shades of White

If you look at the wedding dress trends of the last decade, you will see that different colors have been hot on the fashion scene at different points of time. Nevertheless, white and ivory have always been the most popular bridal trousseau color.

From when Queen Victoria introduced the white wedding dress, it has become an iconic color for the bridal outfit. Therefore, if you are considering colors other than white, you should know that your dress might seem dated in a few years. Meanwhile, white and ivory have staying power and are certainly safer choices.

It is nearly impossible to come up with a bridal look that will never seem outdated. However, if you do not want your wedding look to be labeled as trendy, you may like to explore the classic features that we discussed here. This should help you choose a dress that you will always love, even after several years of your wedding. 

How To Choose A Wedding Dress 

Choosing a timeless wedding gown involves careful consideration of some essential factors. First, you want to ensure that you won’t compromise your comfort over the gown’s aesthetic appeal. To make sure you’ll feel comfortable when wearing the gown, it all boils down to choosing the suitable fabric. 

As mentioned, satin is a durable wedding dress fabric with a smooth finish. This fabric is perfect for more structured wedding gowns because it can support any body type. Satin is an excellent choice for draped and ballgown gown styles. On the other hand, chiffon is lightweight and sheer, perfect for layered wedding gowns. 

The climate or season of your wedding date is another important factor to consider when choosing the right wedding dress or gown. A winter bride will be more comfortable wearing satin fabric because it’s thicker than its counterparts. Organza is a great fabric option if you’re a summer bride because it’s light and structured. 

Take time to research the most beautiful wedding gowns on the market that suit your fashion preference and budget. Read wedding or bride magazines and online resources. Find beautiful wedding gowns like Le Bella Donna Bridal dresses at trusted full-service bridal boutiques.

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