Wedding dress preservation is a step many brides may skip, but it’s a non negotiable when it comes to protecting your dress for years to come. And for brides looking for wedding dress preservation in Sacramento, all inclusive service is the best way to go.

While some wedding dress preservation services near Sacramento and beyond offer preservation solely for your dress, all inclusive means you can get as many as five accessories, such as veils and gloves, preserved alongside your gown.

Other features that are a plus include:

  • Anti-yellowing guarantee (at Diamond Bridal, it’s good for a century)
  • Tracking technology. Diamond Bridal uses Gowntracker so you know what’s being done to your dress at all times. This also helps you feel both more up to date and involved in the process.
  • Museum quality cleaning technology. This is important, because it ensures the highest level of care, using technology such as SYSTEMK4. Take note that the term ‘museum quality’ is used, but also that there is specific technology mentioned as well.
  • Handpressing. The best wedding dress preservation options include this feature so the dress won’t wrinkle. Wrinkles can naturally occur, and even more so depending on the fabric, so this is an important step.
  • Secure shipping. If you’re outside of Sacramento or don’t plan to pick your gown up, free, secure shipping, as offered by Diamond Bridal, is a must. Also look for shipping insurance, and whether or not it’s included (Diamond Bridal offers up to $2,000).