Downtown Orlando, Florida has always been a place of central importance for Sabrina
and Dan, so it made perfect sense to announce their engagement in a photo session there,
directed by Haleigh Nicole Photography.
The shoot was playful and lively, showcasing the murals that speak to the vibrancy of
what makes Orlando, Orlando. For the first takes, Sabrina and Dan started at the Love Mural, a
bold explosion of violet and royal purple hues and a declaration of ‘love’ behind them. Not only
was the backdrop vibrant, but it also coordinated well with Dan’s checkered baby blue dress
shirt and khakis, and even more so with Sabrina’s boho, illusion sleeved navy dress with floral
print and a high to low illusion skirt.
The couple went next to the Butterfly Mural, Postcard Mural, and ended their downtown
walk at the Love Orlando Mural. The colorful murals added vibrancy to the energy of downtown
and that special element to make the shoot especially special.
But Sabrina and Dan celebrated their recent engagement in a quieter way to end to
session, peering over Lake Eola and embracing just as the sun set on the magnificent Orlando
Skyline. It was a perfect end note for the beginning of a new life together, and a love story that
started when the two were playing kickball in an adult league. Since then, they’ve traveled to
Cuba, gone wine tasting across Italy, an visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.
And while there are likely new adventures to come, it was clear to both Sabrina and Dan
that Orlando was the only place they’d consider for announcing the start of their new life