You already have your gorgeous gown and accessories picked out, so now it’s time to create your wedding day makeup. Looking your best is essential, so finding the right makeup look is key when finalizing the details! In the days leading up to your wedding, completing one or two makeup trials is the perfect chance in determining what you want your makeup look to be – whether you want a natural glow or want a bit more drama when it comes to your lips or eyes.

If you plan to get a faux tan, do it at least three or four days before the big day – if you don’t like the way it turns out, you’ll have a chance to fix it before you walk down the aisle. Keep the weather in mind when choosing makeup. Oil-free or waterproof makeup is important in humid climates!

Remember, your makeup will need to be a bit heavier in order for it to show up properly on camera. Flash photography tends to wash out everyday makeup application, so expect to add more than you usually wear on your wedding day. Visit a few makeup artists before deciding on your look – you always want your makeup to match the style and tone of the wedding and gown!