Simply put, wedding and event planners make sure everything runs smoothly, but what they do ranges greatly, depending ands who you hire and for what period of time. It’s also important to note that there are several types of wedding planners:

  • Day-of-Coordinator: Like their title indicates, day-of-coordinators handle the timeline, flow, and movement of the actual wedding day. In general, they’ll coordinate with your other wedding vendors, like the caterer, DJ, and officiant to make sure everything is organized and on time. While they do not help you plan ahead for your wedding day, they go a long way in helping and are the most affordable wedding and event planner available. They’re considered “one of the best investments” you can make.
  • Full Wedding & Event Planners: In this category, you’ll also have a wide range of services offered. Some couples hire planners from start to finish, supplying only a general vision of their wedding day and letting the planner suggest and even do much of the hiring, bookkeeping, while other planners mostly suggest vendors they would like to work with. Full wedding planners might suggest venues, services, make calls, and even help you put together aesthetics, like fashion and decor. And they can also act day-of-coordinators, too.

Full-service wedding and event planners, though expensive, specialize in a number of things. It you’re wondering whether or not to hire one (which is typically a few to a several thousand dollar investment), see if any of these meet your needs:

  • Theme & Design– Coordinating colors, venues, season, style and budget for an overall look and feel. This is also good if you have an idea (for instance garden vintage) but don’t know how to execute it.
  • Budgeting: It can be easy to go over budget or simply not know how to make everything fit. A wedding and event planner can point to ways to cut costs.
  • Coordinator: Hiring vendors that work well together and with your theme and budget

Wedding and event planners are great resources, as long as you know what services you need and what fits your budget.

Photo Credit: Rising Lotus Photography