What do wildflowers, longhorns, and a popular burger chain have in common? An eclectic, over-the-top, undeniably-Texan wedding. This unconventional and clever styled wedding was captured by Jamie Burrow Photography.

Shot on a Spring day at Lucky Mountain Longhorn Ranch, the setting was rustic in every since. And that meant dealing with fully grown cattle, who had an unfortunate habit of nudging off decor from the sweetheart table. Which happened to be ironic: despite the elegant lace tablecloth, the table was unconventional in that its main attraction was bags of orange takeout from Whataburger

Adding to the whimsy was a rusty windmill and fields of wildflowers. The groom’s blue dress shirt, suspender and jeans looked right at home. The bride, instead of a traditional white wedding dress, opted for a clementine orange ball gown with a chiffon trailing skirt, flower embroidered bodice, and a satin ribbon at the natural waist.

Natural wood stands held the buffet of french fries, stacked hamburgers, and condiment packets. To counter this fun addition with a touch of natural beauty, bouquets of orange and blue wildflowers hit just the sweet spot.

Needless to say, this bold and daring shoot is truly inspiration for anyone looking for an unique, rustic wedding.