Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. Supposedly. Still, even if it does fly by in a whirlwind of nerves and emotions and excitement, it’s still a pretty wonderful day!

Unfortunately, the lead-up isn’t always so thrilling. All those plans about the venue, the flowers and the family politics can wear you out long before you say “I do”. It’s funny how even the most chilled-out ladies, who would never have batted an eyelid at organisation, can suddenly turn into full-blown stress machines once they’re faced with wedding plans.

Sound familiar? Probably. It happens to the best of us… and when it does, we need to take a step back and remind ourselves that this should be the FUN time, a time we actually enjoy!

Here are 3 signs that you’re letting all that planning get the better of you.

1. You lose weight

Of course, sometimes this is done intentionally – you want to look your best and go on whatever diets you can think of to look lovely and slim in your dream dress. But as is so often the case, brides-to-be lose weight from shear stress. And it isn’t done in the healthiest of fashions. They neglect to eat proper meals, resorting to snacking instead – and as a result they shed pounds too quickly, looking gaunt and lacking energy. Probably winding up with breakouts from an unhealthy lifestyle, too. Not exactly the radiant beauty they’d hoped for those wedding pics!

So if you’re going on crash diets and find yourself burning out, you’re more likely to feel the stress of wedding planning hitting you even harder. It’s much more beneficial to eat sensibly, to lose weight (if you must) by cutting out junk food and exercising a normal amount, and to stay more relaxed as a result.

2. You suffer from mood swings

Of course, the lead-up to your wedding can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Plenty of highs and lows, with a baffled fiance watching as you plummet from one to the other. And this is totally natural, up to an extent – after all, it’s a big change in your life, you want to get it just right and there’s so much to do! You’ll probably bounce from being giddy with excitement to tangled in nerves to sick with worry… maybe even in the space of a few hours!

It’s when you start lashing out at those around you that things can get ugly. Especially if it’s your fiance or your family. Because they’re probably doing their very best to help.

So how can you combat these mood swings? Well, start by looking to the East for inspiration! Because techniques like meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and restorative/yin yoga are wonderful for helping you to calm down. Take meditation, in particular. Once you start doing it regularly, say for 10 minutes every day, you’ll start to notice a big difference even after a week. Suddenly you won’t sweat the small stuff anymore; and the big stuff feels a lot more tolerable.

If you find yourself overly stressed with plans, with your mind on overdrive all the time, do try out some of these exercises. Whether it’s meditation or journaling or even writing a ‘gratitude list’ every day, take a few minutes out every day to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. You’ll find that you’re more peaceful living in the moment, rather than worrying about what’s to come.

3. You can’t get no sleep

That Faithless song is the new soundtrack to your life. Because it’s taking you ages to get to sleep – way, way longer than it should – and when you do eventually fall into slumber, it’s that broken, disturbed kind and not the lovely, deep REM kind. And this is likely to be the cause of even greater stress in the lead-up to your big day.

After all, sleep deprivation affects our mood, our concentration and our productivity. It has all kinds of consequences to our brains and our bodies; so if you’re chronically sleep-deprived, you’re vulnerable to conditions like anxiety and depression, even diabetes and heart disease. Plus, your weaker immune system means you might end up catching every cold going around… not what you want when you need to be in top form for planning!

The best thing you can do, for your health and your very sanity, in the run-up to your wedding is to get better sleep. A rested mind makes better decisions, is more tolerant of others and means you’re less likely to bite your poor hubbie-to-be’s head off for forgetting how you take your tea!

So if wedding planning is stressing you out, remember these simple tips: eat healthily (and properly), stay mindful via whatever activities help you to do so and get a decent sleep each night.

That way, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams without the nightmare of planning!