Let’s face it, it can really be a stressful experience to plan your wedding. Whether you plan months or years ahead of time, there is still a measure of stress involved. With the many activities and details to attend to, there is every likelihood that you will forget quite a number of them.

For this reason, it is very important that a checklist be created. You will most likely need to pen down a list of the important things to do in your wedding. This is to serve as your guide as you go through your preparation for the ceremony. Every wedding is bound to be different, however, below are ideas to help create your particular checklist.


According to experts in the art of organization, your clothing options should be laid down few weeks ahead of your trip. The reason is simple: as you the date of your wedding, you will occupied with a lot of activities you have to give attention to. Depending on your wedding agenda,  you should make a list of the various clothing and accessories you will need on your trip. Your outfits should be able to carry you all through your stay – before the wedding, during the wedding and the after the wedding day. Put into consideration what ever meetings or activities you intend to have. Some of the content of your checklist under this category can include:


  • Work on a wedding budget
  • Agree on your wedding style
  • Engagement an announcement
  • Decide on a wedding date
  • Come up with your wedding menu
  • Finalize arrangement with venue and reception
  • Order for your wedding invitations
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Buy wedding rings.
  • Buy your plane tickets


Usually, any or both of the couple is supposed to be on the destination few days before the wedding. This should allow you take some things or items to the destination to allow for preparation against the big day. In a case where none of the couple can make it, someone else can be assigned the responsibility of taking care of things.

There are certain things/items that either won’t be necessary or be in your interest to send ahead of time. Such things/items you want to carry them as you’re taking g the trip yourself. This art of your checklist will be guided by what you intend to do or take care of few days before the big day when you’re at the location. Some of the content of your checklist under this category can include:

  • Apply for marriage license
  • Meet with the coordinator of your wedding
  • Meet with your officiant(s)
  • Visit the site of the ceremony
  • Distribute welcome bags to the rooms of guests
  • Go over last minute details
  • Shop for vacation wears,


The above list may not be necessary for you, depending on the idea of your wedding. Information contained herein is supposed to be your guide through the preparation and planning period. Endeavor to check or mark any point of list you are done with.

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