From the day Ethan and Katherine met at the University of Alabama, it simply seemed meant to be: lived next door to each other, shared a number of classes, and started attending church and research lab together.

Even though they’d been discussing marriage for some time, Ethan wanted to make sure it was a surprise: he declined Katherine’s invite to a Mardi Gras event, and instead surprised her in St. Louis Cathedral, in front of Katherine’s mother and friends. Which was fitting, because faith in God is the most important thing in Katherine and Ethan’s relationship.

That authentic love shines through in their engagement shoot by Daniel Jackson Studios. Ethan, in a fitted black suit, walks hand in hand and even shares a dance with Katherine, who looks beautiful and lighthearted in a teal sundress and wavy blonde locks. Natural light, light brick walks, and fountains make for a warm, but still gorgeous and memorable shoot.

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