There’s nothing more bridal than white–or is there?

While white has dominated the bridal industry over 175 years, it wasn’t always that way. Queen Victoria of England’s iconic gown is most credited for the popularity of the color for brides. The color was associated not only with purity, but also as a sign of political alliance.

And while there are records of both white and silver as a popular choice for brides before Queen Victoria, the trend has since persisted: during the Industrial Revolution, for instance, it was a sign of power and wealth.

But as power politics and social constrictions on women continue to be challenged, so has the insistence that brides wear white.

The non-traditional bride

            That isn’t to say all brides who opt for colored gowns are doing so in protest, nor that women who opt for white agree with the history behind the tradition.

What it does mean: brides feel increasingly free to express themselves in the way they wish to on their wedding day–and for some, that means adding color.

From subtle to daring

            While white by far still dominates bridal fashion, a 2016 report revealed that around 11 percent of brides are now actively seeking an unique look, a view that perhaps complements the trend of over half or brides ditching the traditional wedding veil.

Everything from dusty blue to bold floral print to even black is on the table. Still, the most common offerings beside white and ivory include champagne, mocha, gold, and shades of pink.

From sweet to alluring

            Perfect for spring and early summer weddings, pink, with so many shades being offered in a variety of silhouettes, seems to be a nice compromise for anyone hoping to make a bolder statement but still seem ‘decisively bridal’.

Blush, arguably the most common, is just a hint of pink and adds soft elegance to any gown. Dark hues, like darker blushes or even deep peach, adds a vibrant touch to make a more traditional gown stand out a bit more. No matter what color a bride decides to don on her big day, the good news? The choice is hers.