For anyone who’s ever watched hit shows like Say Yes to the Dress, it’s clear that a bridal consultant can play a big role when it comes to finding a gown. It’s also clear that wedding dress shopping even with a consultant is far from easy and even downright frustrating.

The good news? If you’re open to being helped, a consultant really can help you narrow down your choices and get a dress that fits both your style and budget needs.

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know going in:

  1. Come in with a vision…but be flexible: You should come in with some idea of what kind of dress you want, even if that only means a general color, theme, style, or silhouette. Even being able to pin down things you don’t want can initially narrow the search for your consultant. What you don’t want to do: get so set on a certain vision you aren’t open to trying anything outside of it
  2. Let the consultant surprise you: Which leads to the next point. A consultant’s job is to help select a gown that’s right for you, but most consultants and experts suggest, if you’ve never been shopping for a gown before, to try on a variety of silhouettes and styles. If you don’t like them? No harm, but something might surprise you.
  3. Visuals help: Bringing inspiration boards, like Pinterest or even magazine clippings will help the consultant get a sense of what you like. Be prepared to answer questions, and work with the consultant. It’s a team effort: the more visuals you bring, the more a consultant might get a good start, but it’s important to communicate throughout the appointment.
  4. Helpful Feedback: Don’t like the gowns your consultant is selecting? While a good consultant really can help, they can’t do it to their full potential unless you help communicate not just that you don’t like a gown–but why you don’t like it. Be prepared to discuss specific details, like the neckline, overall silhouette, or material.
  5. Keep calm: A great thing about a consultant vs doing it on your own? They can provide moral support, too. Give them a chance, and even if you’re feeling terrible about your selections or even about yourself, and they can offer suggestions that will most flatter your body, budget, and venue.


What are you waiting for? Start your gown search today by booking an appointment with a consultant.