Nearly 90 percent of Americans will marry by the age of 50.

40 to 50 percent of those marriages will end in divorce.

The sobering facts shouldn’t out a damper on newlywed bliss, though. If anything, being aware of the work it takes to keep a marriage intact is the first step to building a lasting foundation.

One of the key components? Open and honest communication. While no one’s perfect, here are ten things newlyweds need to always be honest about to get their marriage off to a great start:

  1. How much are we making? Financial issues is one of the leading reasons for divorce. If you haven’t discussed it before, don’t wait longer. Be honest about each other’s incomes, and how they align not only with your current costs, but any future plans within the next few years.
  2. Those little pet peeves: Found out that you can’t stand when he cracks his knuckles? There’s a fine balance here: while you do need to be understanding and accept you won’t ever little thing about each other, there’s also danger in passively harboring annoyance. If something really is bothering you, be kind but honest and see if a compromise can be made.
  3. I need alone time: Everyone, even the most extroverted of us, needs some time to themselves. It’s actually healthy for your marriage to take time for yourself! Taking care of yourself first is the only way you can have a healthy relationship, and some time away now and then can revitalize romance.
  4. Mealtime: If you have a truly sweet spouse you makes you dinner, make sure to thank them. If it’s terrible? Rather than worrying about sparing their feelings, and enduring more awful meals, offer to take some cooking classes together.
  5. In the bedroom: Contrary to contrary belief, it may be less about how often you’re intimate and how well you communicate and are respectful towards each other. Don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns you have, and also keep in mind physical intimacy with improve with emotional and social intimacy.