Amarillis and Alexzander’s engagement shoot takes place at an unconventional place, but out of a shared love: Pepe’s Pizza in Connecticut.

Tiny Human Photography captured an overall fun, flirty, and unique shoot. The bright neon sign of the pizza parlor is a lively backdrop as Amarallis and Alexzander embrace on an outdoor bench: Amarallis in a white sundress with colored beads and fuschia lipstick, and her fiancée in a loose white dress shirt with rolled sleeves and accented jeans.

Peeling paint blue and cream paint provides a striking contrast to Alexzander’s red high tops and the elegance of Amarillis’ laced skirt and nude heels. For a breath of fresh air and a little more privacy, the couple poses under mature trees with draped leaves and natural sunlight.

The fun and eclectic elements make the shoot memorable, but it’s the adoring smile they share with one another that makes it forever classic.