Melissa and Jeff met through mutual friends, but it wasn’t until they came upon each other in a Gyro restaurant years later that they realized they had so much in common. Their first date included cocktails at Arcadia Bluffs, a breathtaking view that they would never forget.

Partially because that’s the same view Jeff decided would be perfect for a proposal. Dinner with friends, with live bagpipe music, seemed enchanting enough, but then Jeff took Melissa on a full twelve hole golfride as the sunset before he got down on one knee.

Exposures by Rah captured a couple at ease and very in love: Melissa and Jeff wear dark rinse jeans, cozy sweaters, and heeled boots as they roll a barrel together across a lush green lawn and walk hand in hand by the docks at the waterfront.

Photographer:  Exposures by Rah//Location: Bowers Harbor Vineyard//

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