After planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon might be one step too far towards exhaustion. The pressure for it to go as planned, to be memorable, romantic, even close to perfect can cause crippling anxiety and take the joy out of a honeymoon altogether.

In fact, the most common regrets about honeymoons tend to be things like stressing too much, over-scheduling, and spending more than you can really afford. Here’s some do’s and don’ts for your honeymoon so you won’t have those same regrets.


  • Pack things you feel comfortable in. You may want to pack a beautiful robe and lingerie, but also make room for things you’d normally wear. Even if you buy special clothes, make sure it feels like you and your personality.
  • Spend within a reasonable budget. What that is, of course, depends on any number of things, from how much you spent on your wedding to debt you might hold, and future plans for homes, cars, etc. If your dream honeymoon is out of reach, there’s nothing wrong with going for a similar choice in budget. And avoid these financial mistakes.
  • Plan on taking pictures: Trust us, you won’t regret it.
  • Consider spending some time disconnected: Even if it can only be for a short time, turning off cell phones and computer and TVs can be really freeing and help you make the most of your time.
  • Think outside of the box: Resorts might sound great, but they’re not for everyone. Consider looking into other options. Like the outdoors? Look into National parks here or abroad. Like history? Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to see.


  • Go in expecting things to be perfect: They won’t be. Luggage could get lost; the weather might not be bright and sunny; you might eat a bad meal, or the accommodations might not be what you imagined. Learn to laugh, and enjoy the adventure and imperfection of it. It’ll make for good stories when you return.
  • Pressure yourselves to be romantic 24-7: Honeymoons are also meant to be relaxing. Instead of worrying about impressing each other, take time to enjoy. Chances are, the more you do, the more they will as well.
  • Forget to pack essentials: Sunscreen, bug spray, medications, and anything you need to be comfortable are the first things that should go in your suitcase.


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