There’s an assumption that most women dream about their wedding, from the man they’ll marry, to the gorgeous engagement ring, to the stunning bridal gown. But Israeli designer Solo Merav, likes to rewrite that iconic cinderella moment:

“Don’t be a dreamer. Snap out of it and make your dreams a reality.”

It might seem unconventional, but that is exactly what makes Solo Merav gowns so exquisite. After graduating from fashion schools in Rome and Milan, Merav established her first studio, where she fell in love working with “raw”, organic materials with handcrafted details, sewing, and quality materials.

Unlike other designers, Merav doesn’t base her gowns on trends but on the brides she is designing for. In all her collections, she aims for a balance between “femininity and sexiness”, embracing the natural soft curves of the female body rather than focusing on hiding them.

The new 2018 collection is perhaps her most daring yet, with gowns intended for a bride who scraps the cinderella moment for one she crafts for herself. Every gown flirts with fairytale romance but stands out from the crowd with alluringly modern and sexy details.

Jaw dropping necklines and bodices are for the boldest and most confident brides. Take the Sophia gown: from the back, a classic ball gown skirt with glitter with lace, with an illusion back. But it’s the bodice that will turn heads, with handcrafted flowers grace the neck, sweeping the chest, and exposing the midriff. It’s fairytale princess meets red carpet, for a truly unforgettable gown. The Eugin and Valeria gowns mimic the dramatic skirts and low necklines, but with a slightly less revealing plunging neckline, and more playful details like feathered cap sleeves and small bow ties.

Perhaps Solo Merav’s new collection shines most with its nod to boho-chic in gowns like Sayuri, Mikela, Gabrielle, and Felicity. It’s hard to reinvent this style, but Merav prove it’s possible by marrying the free spirited, understated and fun elements of boho-chic with modern and sleek details. Lace demi skirts are given high side slits and paired with a crystal beaded high neckline for a hint of urban royalty. Sheer chantilly lace is a natural fit for 1970’s inspired cut off cap sleeves, but ruffled front slits and beaded appliques take the Mikela gown to an edgy and sophisticated new level.

Other honorable mentions: medieval meets modern in the whimsical Claude gown, features off the shoulder bell sleeves, corset, and playful embroidered dotted skirt. The collection finishes with an alternative long-sleeved and sheer skirted Grace gown. The cleavage baring bodice and light as air sheer sleeves embrace the natural beauty of the female body without the slightest blush.

Gowns available at Diamond Bridal Gallery. Schedule an appointment to see the daring collection today…and write your own fairytale.

Photo Credit: Roza Melendez Photography