You have been looking forward to a fairy tale your entire life and now that the time is getting near, it’s time to start planning the event. If it’s a fairy tale wedding you are after, imagine what the wedding day of a princess would look like. Where would the vows be proclaimed and where would the post-ceremonial celebration take place? If you have your heart set on the perfect fairy tale wedding, you must start planning as far in advance as possible. Here is some of what you must consider.

Set the Stage with Your Choice of Bridal Attire

While this isn’t necessarily the first step to take, it is a very important one. Based on where you will say your vows and where the celebration will take place, you’ll want to think very carefully about the wedding attire of the bridal party. Even before guests start looking around the church or garden where you’ll make your vows, they’ll notice the bridal processional begin and turn quickly to see the wedding party march up the aisle. Typically, guests will be busy chatting to notice much of anything, but they will take notice of your glamourous fairy tale bridal attire.

Location Is Everything

If you are to add elements of sophistication and glamour to your fairy tale wedding, location is everything. Many wedding planners say that the two most sophisticated places to hold a wedding is at a church or under a lovely garden arbour or trellis. Of course, a cathedral would be the perfect setting, but there only so many to go around and they may be booked on the date you have chosen for your wedding.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Since you want a fairy tale wedding, this lends itself perfectly to wedding themes. You may want to choose a Renaissance theme or perhaps one reminiscent of your favourite fairy tales such as those themes set in movies like Cinderella. Of course, you won’t have a pumpkin-turned-carriage, but you can be led away from the church in a horse drawn carriage.

Then there is the venue to think about. When planning  a wedding celebration, have you considered a dimly lit venue with ice carvings and ambient backlighting? There are many options to choose from so ask your wedding planner for something original. Often, using luxury events planners, such as those from Payal can be useful, especially when you’re trying to stick to a specific theme – sometimes it’s a lot easier to have a professional to transfer your thoughts into reality.

You may also want your food to carry a theme; Asian delicacies have been a huge hit at wedding celebration dinners simply because of the care which goes into presentation. It is said that presentation is 90% of the game in food service, and at a wedding, this is more important than you can imagine.

Entertainment Matters

Finally, the one bit of advice on sophisticated entertainment would be to steer away from DJs and dance music. Perhaps you could set the tone of elegance with live chamber music during dinner and live entertainment for the dancing after dinner. Yes, you will probably want a wedding waltz, but techno and hip hop are out of place at a sophisticated wedding celebration, wouldn’t you agree? From start to finish every element must complement all others. Just one element out of place could ruin the mood you are going for, so keep this in mind when booking entertainment.

Whether you have a large guest list or a small gathering of close friends and family, you can have that wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember that the larger the wedding, the further in advance you will need to begin planning. If you fail to do so, you may not get the venues you desire or the wedding caterers and entertainment you prefer. Once these are arranged you can start thinking about wedding attire and invitations – the final steps in planning your day. The honeymoon is another story altogether, so save those plans for another day.


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